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Supplemental--Building Profit through Building People


By Ken Carrig and Patrick Wright

2006, 195 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 1-58644-069-1

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 Supplemental Materials

The following documents supplement materials available in the SHRM book, Building Profit Through Building People. Purchasers of this book and SHRM members are licensed to download and modify these documents. They are made available as PDF files, as well as in their original format (PowerPoint, Word or Excel), when available.

Document description Download
Work Climate Improvement Survey
Work Climate Survey: Key Actions  
Customer Satisfacation Survey  
Worksheet: Goal Planning  
Workbook: Strengthening the Front-Line Supervisor  
Workbook: System to Entry-Level Promotion
Key Workplace Metrics
Sample Presentation: Best Business Practices  
Sample Presentation: Activity-Based Compensation  
Sample Presentation: Human Capital Metrics  
Sample Presentation: Improving Performance and Minimizing Employee Litigation  
Sample Presentation: Building World Class Safety  
Employee Total Benefit Statement  
Diversity Annual Report  
Workforce Assessment Spreadsheet  

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