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The Essentials of Corporate Communications & Public Relations

Series Content Adviser: Wendy Bliss, JD, SPHR

2006, 311 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-59139-819-6

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When it comes to communicating corporate information, the skills of the messenger can make or break a company's reputation in the eyes of shareholders, employees, and the media. Filled with practices, principles, and case studies, this essential guide helps HR professionals hone their skills at delivering information, managing crises, responding to queries, and more.

Today's HR professionals work side by side with senior executives to devise a strategy for their organizations and to marshal the talent and resources to implement it. That means going beyond the traditional HR domain and mastering the fundamentals of all aspects of business and management.

Co-published by SHRM and Harvard Business School Press.

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 Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Corporate Communication and the HR Professional: The HR Professional’s Role in the Communication Function

Chapter 2: Communication Fundamentals: The Basics of Corporate Communication

Chapter 3: Developing an Integrated Corporate Communication Strategy: A Strategic Approach to Corporate Communication

Chapter 4: Communication Research, Measurement, and Evaluation: The Use of Research in the Communication Process

Chapter 5: Communicating with External Audiences: The Communication Needs and Requirements of Various External Audiences

Chapter 6: Communicating with Employees: Strategies and Tactics for Communication with Internal Audiences

Chapter 7: Issues Management and Crisis Communication: Dealing Proactively and Effectively with Issues and Crises

Chapter 8: Developing and Implementing Communication Plans: A Process for Developing Effective Communication Plans

Chapter 9: Tools of the Trade: The Use and Benefits of Various Communication Tools

Chapter 10: Selecting the Appropriate Tool: Guidelines for Selecting the Right Tool for the Right Purpose

Chapter 11: Handling Challenging HR Communications: Insights for Dealing with Common yet Challenging Communication Situations

Chapter 12: Enhancing HR's Communication Competencies: What HR Professionals Need to Know to Ensure a Role in Corporate Communication

Appendix A: Speech Preparation Tool

Appendix B: What to Measure

Appendix C: Sample Scoring Sheet for Objective Media Review

Appendix D: Diagnosis Tool for Internal Communication

Appendix E: Sample Communication Plan

Appendix F: Acquisition—Phases and Types of Communication

Appendix G: Steps for Conducting Communication Audits

Appendix F: Audit Survey


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 About the Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series


The Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series, copublished by the Harvard Business School Publishing and SHRM, educates HR professionals at all levels in the principles, practices, and processes of business and management. These books provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, skills, and tools HR professionals need to be influential strategic partners in their organizations.

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 About the Series Content Adviser

Wendy Bliss, J.D., SPHR is an attorney and founder of Bliss & Associates Consulting in Colorado Springs. She is the author of Legal, Effective References and the co-author of Employment Termination Source Book.