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Detailed Table of Contents--HR Operating Guide

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The Comprehensive, All-in-One HR Operating Guide: 539 Ready to Adapt Human Resource Letters, Memos, Procedures, Practices, Forms . . . and More 
By R.J. Landry

2006, CD-ROM binder package with two disks and a user's manual
ISBN: 978-1-58644-067-1
SHRMStore Item #: 61.16000

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Detailed Table of Contents

How to Use the Contents of this Guide

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Section I: Strategic Planning [10 samples]

1. Creating an HR Mission and Vision Statement

2. Defining the Role of HR

3. Preparing for Strategic Planning Sessions

4. Summarizing the Results of Strategic Planning Sessions

5. Developing an HR Annual Tactical Plan

6. Creating a Strategic Business and Operations Planning Platform

7. Implementing a Quarterly Review Process

8. Highlighting Year-End HR Results and Achievements

9. Preparing for Budget Planning

Section II: Employment [75 samples]

1. Defining the Employment Process

2. Key Sourcing Activities

3. Interviewing and Selection Process

4. College Relations Program

5. New Hire Orientation Program

6. Equal Employment and Affirmative Action

7. Describing Other Employment-Related Activities

Section III: Compensation and Benefits [116 samples]

1. Compensation Program

2. Wage and Salary Administration

3. Bonus and Incentive Pay Plans

4. The Performance Appraisal System

5. Describing Other Compensation-Related Activities

6. Employee Healthcare Benefits

7. Capital Accumulation Plans

8. Describing Other Benefits Related Activities

Section IV: Employee and Community Services [61 samples]

1. Employee Wellness Program

2. Community Relations

3. Employee Services Award Program

4. Social and Recreational Activities

5. Employee Communications

Section V: Employee Relations [77 samples]

1. Incidents Involving Discipline

2. Staff Reductions

3. Plant Closure or Mass Layoff

4. Government Agencies and Key Federal Laws

5. Drugs and Alcohol

6. Employee Recognition

7. Describing Other Employee Relation Activities

Section VI: Labor Relations [34 samples]

1. Labor Negotiations

2. Grievances and Arbitrations

3. Describing Other Labor-Relations Activities

Section VII: Organizational Development and Planning [36 samples]

1. Organizational Assessment Diagnostic Model

2. Management Training

3. Leadership Development

4. Other Training-Related Activities

5. Organizational Announcements

6. Core Competencies

Section VIII: Safety and Security [46 samples]

1. Safety Program

2. Safety Activity Forms

3. Describing Other Safety-Related Activities

4. Security

5. Workers' Compensation

Section IX: General Administration [54 samples]

1. Payroll and Expenses

2. Work Schedules

3. Switchboard and Telephones

4. Facilities

5. Administration

Section X: International and Immigration Programs [30 samples]

1. International Program for Expatriates

2. Temporary Work Visas and Other Visas

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