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97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation

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97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation: With Answers from SHRM's Knowledge Advisors

Edited by Margaret Fiester
2014, 165 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58644-356-6
SHRMStore Item #: 61.12002

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The HR Knowledge Center at the Society for Human Resource Management responds to thousands of questions every year from HR professionals and business leaders. The detailed and reliable answers that are provided span a wide array of people management topics, from HR management and development to employee relations and regulatory and legal compliance. In 97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation, Margaret Fiester, SPHR-CA, compiled the most often asked employee compensation questions related to bonuses, paid leave, tax compliance, wage and hour regulations, and much more. For example, the answers to these most commonly asked questions are included in this essential resource:

* Do we have to pay out unused vacation pay to employees who leave our company?
* Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, may I dock an employee's pay as a disciplinary penalty?
* Can we deduct half day from an exempt employee's pay when they are out half a day due to personal reasons and have exhausted all their paid time off?

Compensation issues are one of the most vexing of the HR world. This book, which is part of the SHRM Q&A Series, will let readers benefit from the experts in the HR Knowledge Center. Their insights will help HR professionals better understand and manage your human resources functions.


Margaret Fiester, SPHR-CA, is the operations manager of the HR Knowledge Center at the Society for Human Resource Management.


Chapter 1. Bonuses
Chapter 2. Commission-Based Pay
Chapter 3. Communication
Chapter 4. International Assignments
Chapter 5. Legal & Regulatory Issues: Not Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 6. Legal & Regulatory Issues: Fair Labor Standards Act
Chapter 7. Paid Leave Benefits (Paid Time Off and Sick Time)
Chapter 8. Payroll
Chapter 9. Planning & Design
Chapter 10. Tax Compliance

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