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Book Proposal Submission Guidelines


To have a book considered for publication by SHRM, please submit a complete book proposal as described below. You may send a hard copy of the proposal and accompanying material to:

Book Acquisitions, Editorial Department

Society for Human Resource Management

1800 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

OR you may send the materials as Word or Excel attachments to e-mail to the Manager of Book Publishing

If you send the proposal by e-mail, please put the words "Book Proposal" in the subject line.

About the Book

  1. What is the working title of the book? How important is this title?
  2. Have you included a detailed description of each chapter?
  3. Have you included a brief description of all additional elements such as special features, figures, charts, appendixes?
  4. Have you included at least two sample chapters?
  5. Have you included a resume or CV of every participating author?


  1. What is the overall purpose of the book? What will it help HR professionals do, improve, understand, or implement?
  2. Why is a new book on this HR topic needed at this time? What new contribution does this book make to the topic?
  3. How would you characterize the book? Is it a practical HR tool? Does it shed new light on a topic? Does it develop a theory?
  4. Will the content include any of the SHRM HR competencies? If so, which ones and how?
    What is the estimated number of words in the full manuscript? or What is the estimated number of pages in the full manuscript, assuming 250 words per manuscript page? - See more at:
  5. Would the book be useful for HR college courses? If so, what courses? Provide examples of colleges offering these courses.
  6. What is the estimated number of words in the full manuscript? or What is the estimated number of pages in the full manuscript, assuming 250 words per manuscript page?

Schedule and Timing

  1. When will the first full draft be completed?
  2. How soon must the book be published to be topical?
  3. How soon will the content become dated?
  4. Is there a potential to do regular updates?

Review/Comments by Experts

  1. Have any HR experts in the field reviewed your manuscript? If so, who are they and what were their comments? May we contact them if we have additional questions?

Knowledge Base and Expertise of the Author(s)

  1. What is the research or base of experience for the book? Briefly describe any relevant special studies or previous work.
  2. What are your credentials or expertise in the proposed topic? What do you bring to the contents that others may not?

Target Audience

  1. Describe the target audience and the secondary audience (if any) for the book. Are they HR generalists or specialists? What HR specialty? How much experience do they need to have to benefit from the book? In what size companies do they work? Other information.
  2. How will the book benefit the target HR audience and the secondary audience? In other words, why would they want or need to read the book? Be specific.


  1. How often do you speak and/or train; how large are your audiences; what are the names of the venues, and when did you appear there?
  2. If you publish a newsletter or e-newsletter, what are the frequency of publication and the size of the distribution list?
  3. Do you have a web site? What is the URL?
  4. Do you write newspaper or Internet columns or make regular appearances on radio or television? If so, give details.
  5. Give the names of prominent individuals who are likely to endorse your work and/or provide a foreword to the book.
  6. What are your expectations for the book?
  7. Describe any other marketing or promotional capabilities or plans that you have for the book.

Competitive and Related Books

  1. List the HR books that cover the same subject as yours. What are the titles, publishers, prices, and authors of competing books published within the last 5 years or to be published in the next 2 years?
  2. Describe the contents of each book and the difference between your proposed book and the others.
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