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Excerpt--Never Get Lost Again: Navigating Your HR Career

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By Nancy E. Glube and Phyllis G. Hartman

2009, 180 pages, Paperback

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Chapter 12. Bon Voyage

The task of developing your HR career may always be an uphill climb. The good news is that Human Resources is now recognized by many as an important contributor in the success of most organizations. The meaningful work that Human Resources has done places us in greater demand, which presents more career opportunities both in HR roles and in line business roles.

HR professionals are busier than ever as we work to keep on top of a rapidly changing business and legal environment. Not only do we need to keep up with developments within the business, but we also need to be knowledgeable about the factors that impact the people who make up our organizations — the human factor.

Meeting the challenge of being pulled in many directions and serving the needs of many “clients” may mean little time left over for ourselves. This was the key motivator for us in writing this book. We need to carve out appropriate time for our own career development on a consistent basis for the benefit of ourselves and the clients we serve.

It is most important then, that we take advantage of the resources and networks available to us. Today’s technology can help us research effectively, reach out to our peers and experts quickly, and communicate efficiently. The Internet has made information available 24/7.

This book was written to provide you with some survival skills, tools, and techniques that will assist you on your career journey. We certainly don’t have all of the answers, but our hope is that by sharing travel stories of ourselves and others we can motivate you to take control of your own career trip. We also hope that the ideas presented here will spark new and creative approaches that you will share with others in Human Resources.

The skills of career development shared here are targeted to our HR field, but many of the ideas can be used as you guide the careers of others.

As you embark on your career journey, you will find shortcuts and roadblocks. You will find helpful “travel agents” among your HR peers and professional colleagues. You will also find individuals and organizations that can’t or won’t help your progress. We are certain of all of these things. We are just as certain that if you are dedicated to investing time and planning in your travel arrangements, you will succeed.

You may find yourselves in places that you never pictured when you started on your career. With an open mind, the willingness to be a lifelong learner, and a belief in your own strengths, you will have a satisfying and exciting journey.

Human Resources Management is a wonderful, changing, and exciting (although at times frustrating) career path, but you will never be without a challenge!

Your future is in your hands. We encourage you to never give up on yourself, for only by investing in your own satisfaction will you be able to provide good service to others.

We wish you safe and satisfying travels. Bon Voyage!

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