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Point Counterpoint: New Perspectives on People & Strategy

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Point Counterpoint: New Perspectives on People & Strategy

Edited by Anna Tavis, Richard Vosburgh, and Ed Gubman
2012, 144 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-58644-276-7
SHRMStore Item #: 61.17001

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Point Counterpoint, a copublication with HR People & Strategy (HRPS), contains 13 sets of debates on the most relevant human capital issues confronting organizations--large and small--today. This resources addresses talent management, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, HR strategy and planning, and building a strategic HR function.

More than 120 thought-leaders, practitioners, and academics from 14 countries contributed and much of their discussion is with a strategic, forward-thinking perspective that deals with new directions for established practices, like rethinking talent management, or heading off into newer frontiers, like sustainability or even neuroscience.

Each set of articles has a Learning Guide for the development of teams in organizations or students in classrooms and for professional development.

The e-book is available from many e-book sellers.

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Section I. Talent Management

Chapter 1. Is "Build on Your Strengths" the Best Advice? So I was Thinking. . .
Chapter 2. One More Time: Focus on Your Strengths (And Implications for Performance Management)
Chapter 3. A Supply Chain Model for Talent Management

Section II. Organizational Effectiveness

Chapter 4. Redesigning Your Organization for the Future of Work
Chapter 5. Neither Hierarchy Nor Network: An Argument for Heterarchy
Chapter 6. Five Myths and Realities About Using Social Media in Your Company

Section III. Leadership Development

Chapter 7. What Peter Drucker Means Around the World A World Citizen of Austrian Origin: The Rediscovery of the European Roots of the Father of Modern Management
Chapter 8. How Neuroscience will Impact Leadership
Chapter 9. Onboarding: An Act of Transformational Leadership

Section IV. HR Strategy & Planning

Chapter 10. Why Leading Sustainability Matters More Than Ever
Chapter 11. Competitive Advantage, HR Strategy and China (The 2008 Olympics)

Section V. Building a Strategic HR Function

Chapter 12. The HR Business Partner Model: Past Learnings & Future Challenges
Chapter 13. Are You Getting a Bang Out of Your Executive Pay Buck?
Chapter 14. Closing Perspectives


Anna Tavis, Ph.D., is Global Head of Talent Management at Brown Brothers Harriman, an adjunct professor at New York University in the department of Leadership and Human Resource Management, and on the board of directors of Human Resources Planning Society and editor of the People and Strategy Journal section on Point Counterpoint.

Richard Vosburgh, Ph.D., is VP & Chief HR Officer of KEMET Electronics Corporation. For five years he was the volunteer Executive Editor for the HRPS Journal and originated the Point Counterpoint series.

Ed Gubman, Ph.D., is the cofounder and principal of Strategic Talent Solutions; and served for three years as Executive Editor for the HRPS Journal. His other books include The Engaging Leader: Winning with Today's Free Agent Workforce (2003) and The Talent Solution: Aligning Strategy and People to Achieve Extraordinary Results (1998).


"If you've ever thought there must be another side to the HR advice you’re hearing, this is the book for you. Point Counterpoint is a terrific guide to the pluses and minuses of contemporary ideas."
-- Peter Cappelli, the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania




We asked co-editor Dr. Anna Tavis several questions about this important resource. Here are her responses:

SHRM: How will readers benefit from Point Counterpoint?
Dr. Tavis: The book offers a unique opportunity for HR professionals to educate themselves on the key concepts and tools that are central to our 21 st century HR practice.
These foundational HR tools are presented from different points of view which allows the readers to independently discover the right solution for themselves without over-dependency on the so called "best practices" or individual guru's approach.

SHRM: Why is there such a broad range of contributors to the book?
Dr. Tavis: The broad range of contributors is deliberate. We engaged the thought leaders in the HR profession to participate in a discussion of central concepts and issues that are on the minds of those of us who shape strategies and those who work
with business clients on implementing them.

SHRM: Why did you want to work with SHRM on this important book?
Dr. Tavis: SHRM is a strategic partner with HRPS, we share in the mission of serving the broad HR profession and providing them with the tools and methodologies to effectively work with their business clients.

SHRM: What have you heard about the book at the recent HRPS Conference?
Dr. Tavis: The participants have acknowledged that not only the topics selected but the presentation of those topics in the point/counterpoint format was unique and particularly helpful to the practitioners currently working in the field. It gave them the understanding that there were no ultimate truths but there were ultimate options for them to choose from and thus enrich their professional repertoire.

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