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The Essentials of Project Management


Subject Adviser: David J. Collis

Series Content Adviser: Wendy Bliss

2006, 326 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781591399247

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The Essentials of Project Management will help you understand the basics about managing projects. After reading this, you will be well versed in the tools, principles, and must-know methods for managing projects toward a successful conclusion.

Today's HR professionals work side by side with senior executives to devise a strategy for their organizations and to marshal the talent and resources to implement it. That means going beyond the traditional HR domain and mastering the fundamentals of all aspects of business and management.

Co-published by SHRM and Harvard Business School Press.

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 Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Project Management and the HR Professional: A Key Competency
Chapter 2. Project Management as a Process: Four Phases
Chapter 3. The Cast of Characters: Who's Who in Project Management
Chapter 4. A Written Charter: Your Marching Orders
Chapter 5. A Framework for Action: Important First Steps
Chapter 6. Work Breakdown: From Huge Job to Manageable Tasks
Chapter 7. Scheduling the Work: Putting the Horse Before the Cart
Chapter 8. Adjustments and Trade-Offs: More Fine Tuning
Chapter 9. Managing Risk: Scanning the Hazy Horizon
Chapter 10. Project Adaptation: Dealing with What You Cannot Anticipate
Chapter 11. Getting Off on the Right Foot: Project Needs to Keep in Mind
Chapter 12. Keeping on Track: Maintaining Control
Chapter 13. The Closedown Phase: Wrapping It Up
Chapter 14. Managing Varied HR Projects: Achieving Your Desired Results
Chapter 15. Supporting Critical High-Level Projects: HR's Vital Role
Chapter 16. Next Steps: Honing Your Project Management Skills
Appendix A: Implementation Tools
Appendix B: A Guide to Effective Meetings
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 About the Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series


The Business Literacy for HR Professionals Series, copublished by the Harvard Business School Publishing and SHRM, educates HR professionals at all levels in the principles, practices, and processes of business and management. These books provide a comprehensive overview of the concepts, skills, and tools HR professionals need to be influential strategic partners in their organizations.

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 About the Subject Adviser


David J. Collis has been a professor at Harvard Business School for more than eighteen years, teaching and chairing executive education programs. 


 About the Content Adviser

Wendy Bliss, J.D., SPHR is an attorney and founder of Bliss & Associates Consulting in Colorado Springs. She is the author of Legal, Effective References and the co-author of Employment Termination Source Book.