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Quick! Show Me Your Value


By Theresa Seagraves

2004, 246 pages, Paperback with CD-ROM

ISBN: 1-56286-365-7

SHRMStore #: 61.15000

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EVERY DAY HR PROFESSIONALS AND TRAINERS STRUGGLE TO COMMUNICATE THE DOLLAR VALUE OF THEIR WORK to CEOs, CFOs, VPs, and line managers, who in turn must choose whether to allocate corporate dollars to HR or to research, technology, or somewhere else. The goals of a CFO are not the same as those of a line manager, and this book shows you how to show value to both. Author Theresa Seagraves takes the mystery out of corporate finance and shows you, step-by-step, how to build your value proposition and communicate it to budget managers at all different levels. Written for trainers, the book is easily applicable to every aspect of human resources practice.

Quick! Show Me Your Value provides:

  • A guide to communicating with your key target audiences;
  • A reference on how to understand more about your organization;
  • An easy-to-understand, step-by-step roadmap to understanding corporate finance; and
  • A CD-ROM with all of the formulas you need!

Co-published by SHRM and ASTD.

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 Praise for the Book


"Bingo! Seagraves's book is a must-read for leaders who want real value from performance improvement initiatives. It puts training teams and consultants on notice: Make your efforts and the money you spend really count!"--Jim Hill, CEO, Proofpoint, Past President, International Society for Performance Improvement

"Finally a book that gets to the basics of business in an easy-to-understand format! One of the greatest challenges facing many learning and development professionals is to understand how a business operates and how their work connects to the bottom line. Seagraves provides valuable advice on connecting to the bottom line in a very methodical way. This book is as much a guide on how to communicate with a variety of key target audiences as it is a valuable reference on how to understand more about the organization."--Jack Phillips, former HR executive and bank president

"To be a strategic and credible performance professional requires being able to demonstrate value to all stakeholders. Seagraves has created a defining volume in Quick! Show Me Your Value--one we have all been waiting for. I'm incredibly excited that we now have a clear roadmap to follow and a sure means of getting there. I recommenc this volume to all performance professionals as a must-read--and apply!"--Harold D. Stolovitch, Emeritus Professor, Universite de Montreal, author of Telling Ain't Training and Training Ain't Performance


 Table of Contents




Part One: Identifying Value

Chapter 1. The Golden Key—Finance

Chapter 2. Decoding Value

Chapter 3. An Overview of What an Organization Will Value

Chapter 4. Profit

Chapter 5. Position

Chapter 6. Cash

Chapter 7. Business Intelligence: Research What an Organization Will Value

Part Two: Positioning, Delivering, and Measuring Value

Chapter 8. What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Chapter 9. The Financial Imperatives Scorecard

Chapter 10. Value and the Levels of Evaluation

Part Three: Communication Value

Chapter 11. Building Your Context Plan

Chapter 12. Your Communication Base: Value Themes

Chapter 13. Creating Financial Value Statements

Chapter 14. Putting It All Together

Chapter 15. Conclusion: The Courage to Begin



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 About the Author

In 2001, Theresa Seagraves established Theresa L. Seagraves & Associates. She works fulltime consulting with clients on ROI evaluations, conducting ROI studies, and coaching organizations and individuals in aligning and communicating their financial value.