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What Is HR Magazine’s Mission?

What Is HR Magazine’s Mission?

HR Magazine helps HR professionals perform their jobs effectively. It offers practical solutions to current workplace problems, discusses new approaches and best practices in all areas of HR management, and prompts readers to consider new ways of thinking. As an association publication, HR Magazine receives high marks for credibility and making readers part of a community.

In addition, articles offer:

• Practical tips and advice on overcoming everyday problems faced by HR professionals at every stage of their careers.

• Excellent, in-depth and extensive legal coverage by staff lawyers and some of the nation’s top employment attorneys.

• A wealth of online resources easily available via the Internet.

Achievement of Business Goals

HR Magazine achieves business goals by:

• Striving for journalistic excellence, objectivity, high quality and timeliness.

• Publishing in-depth, timely cover stories and features on emerging trends.

Examples include: