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Tips for HR Professionals

Tips for HR Professionals

SHRM members and other HR professionals contribute directly to HR Magazine in many ways. In doing so, you support the HR community and foster feelings of ownership.

Here are examples of how to contribute:

• Provide article ideas and leads to information by clicking here.

• Provide tips on breaking industry news by e-mailing

• Write letters to the editor. To submit, click here.

• Serve as an authority in your field. If you have an area of expertise and would like to speak to a reporter about your HR discipline, click here.

• Suggest profile candidates—people whose HR careers serve as models for others. Submit suggestions to Managing Editor Desda Moss at

• Serve as an interview subject for HR News and HR Magazine reporters. Share expertise and case studies. Highlight solutions that other HR professionals can act on. Volunteer by clicking here.

• Write feature articles. Please note that the bar is high. Most HR Magazine features are written by prominent journalists with years of experience covering the human resource and business beats. All potential writers must query editors first. Submit your idea by clicking here.

• Write first-person accounts. In these 1,200- to 1,600-word articles, HR professionals describe how they or their teams overcame problems or created opportunities for business growth from a personal point of view.

How to Write a First-Person Account

Write a one-paragraph summary of your proposed article and submit it by e-mailing Editor Christina Folz at If your query is selected for development, an editor will call you to discuss your idea and a possible deadline. You must write these articles yourself with no assistance from publicists or others in your company. You are writing directly to an audience of your peers. You will receive an assignment letter offering you an outline of the topic, resources, possible interview subjects, a firm deadline and a copyright agreement form. You sign the copyright agreement form and set to work on your draft. When you submit the draft—on or before the deadline—the editors review it and return it with editorial questions inserted in the text. After you have answered the questions, you send your manuscript back; editing and layout continue. First-person accounts are 1,200 to 1,600 words and often tell personal stories about how an HR professional or HR team overcame a problem or created an opportunity for business growth. Exact month of publication depends on available space. Examples of first-person accounts include:

Custom Careers at MassMutual"

"The Ins and Outs of Applicant Tracking"

"How to Create a Culture of Giving"

"Be a Strategic Performance Consultant"

“Developing Talent Amid Rapid Change"


Upon acceptance of a written manuscript, your honorarium for this service will be 10 copies of the magazine with your article in it and permission to post the article, excluding artwork, on your Internet site, for educational purposes only, should you desire. Permission to post HR Magazine articles may be obtained by contacting Editorial Coordinator Nikki Power.