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HR Magazine - December 2000: Mission Possible

By the editors of HR Magazine  12/1/2000
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HR Magazine, December 2000

Vol. 45, No. 12

When times get tough, the tough get going. Here's how five HR professionals tackled some of the most difficult challenges in their careers.

Editors’ Note: When you watch or read the "news," too often it is the "bad news." But there also is "good news" that, too often, gets overlooked.

We realize that countless times, HR professionals have faced potentially devastating problems and found a way to minimize or avoid catastrophe. Such stories are rarely celebrated in the media, so we solicited readers for their success stories.

Their response was inspiring. Many e-mails described problems avoided or reduced, positive actions taken, employees who were better served. Choosing among so many heartening stories was difficult, but we finally selected the five that appear below.

We offer this article to those who give their best effort in the HR profession. Each day you train, pay, reward, protect, represent, console, advise, manage and assist hundreds—even thousands—of employees. Each year you face difficult situations that require your utmost patience, understanding and skill. And when you succeed, you may never get the pat on the back you deserve.

We’d like to hear more such stories. If you have a great story to tell, please go to to e-mail your entry to be considered for a future success stories article. 

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