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Cover Package: Regulatory Compliance
Compliance Conundrum
Vol. 58   No. 2

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Regulatory Compliance

Critics complain that HR professionals spend too much time on administrative tasks to the detriment of furthering business goals. Indeed, long-term survey research by the University of Southern California’s Center for Effective Organizations shows that HR professionals in low-performance organizations spend almost one-third of their time maintaining records, auditing or controlling. Even in high-performance organizations, HR professionals spend almost one-quarter of their time on these tasks. It’s no wonder: The scope of employment laws, regulations and guidelines with which employers must comply is ever expanding, with mandates from all levels of government. This cover package surveys the status and potential future of global, federal and state regulatory compliance, and includes a look at technology solutions available for one common challenge—wage and hour rules.


No Federal Regulatory Relief in Sight
Regardless of who's in charge, government officials and business leaders will battle over whether regulations represent sensible protections or costly, unnecessary micromanagement.
By Robert J. Grossman

States, Cities Go Beyond Federal Government
State laws and municipal ordinances pose new HR challenges.
By Joanne Deschenaux and Dori Meinert

European Directives: Born and Bred
Tracking employment law developments in Europe's sprawling economy is a necessary task.
By Susan Heylman

Global Employment Law Trends
Keep an eye on bellwether laws around the world.
By Susan Heylman

Tech Support
Technology can help employers comply with an array of wage and hour laws.
By Dave Zielinski


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