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HR Magazine, February 2004 - What Bugs Employees?

By Steve Bates  2/1/2004

HR Magazine, February 2004

Vol. 49, No 2

Employers can't give employees everything they want. But many concerns that employees raise are relatively simple and cheap to resolve. Theresa M. Welbourne, president and CEO of eePulse Inc. and an HR professor at the University of Michigan Business School, is an advocate of frequent online surveys that get to day-to-day issues before they have time to fester and become obstacles to engagement.

Here is a sample of the kinds of comments that Welbourne's surveys turn up regularly:

  • "Listen. Stop talking and listen to feedback."

  • "Too many meetings make me unproductive."

  • "If you don't tell employees exactly what you mean, need, want, then how are we supposed to know?"

  • "The phones don't work. The printers don't work. The copiers don't work."

  • "I don't see my manager enough, and I would like to hear from her about what's going on."

  • "We have daily conference calls to micromanage every aspect of our business. I can't get things done."

  • "I have a budget and no plan."

  • "Too many people are spending time complaining. I am sick of having this affect my work."


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