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HR Magazine, March 2005 - What's New

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HR Magazine, March 2005

Vol. 50, No. 3

Ethics program; employee feedback software; more.

Business Ethics

The Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St. Thomas–Minnesota has developed and launched the new business ethics assessment tool called the CEBC Integrity Measurement Program. The CEBC and the consulting firm of Gantz Wiley Research joined together to develop the program, which consists of two employee surveys. The 28-question CEBC Integrity Survey is designed to provide management with an in-depth analysis of an organization’s ethical environment. The second survey is a five-item index called the CEBC Integrity QuickCheck, which is designed to provide an overall view of an organization’s corporate culture and ethics practices.

Employee Feedback

Nobscot Corp. has launched an online software tool called WebExit, which offers employers a new and innovative way to conduct employee exit interviews. The web-based software tool provides employers with a self-service option to gather crucial feedback from employees whenever they leave the organization. The software automatically compiles, tracks and analyzes the results and can provide employers with a new feedback source that can get honest answers to tough questions. The self-service option for exit interviews also can increase employee participation, ease the HR department’s workload and provide valuable insight about the organization.

Health Care has launched a new online service designed to help employers offer an innovative wellness program to pregnant employees or to spouses of employees who are expecting a baby. The program features personalized guidance on nutrition and exercises, offers instant access to calorie and nutrient data, gives suggestions on healthy meal plans, and provides access to community message boards. By helping improve the health of mothers-to-be, the new program can help employers reduce the high health care costs associated with pregnancies.

Retirement Benefits

Newkirk Inc. and McKay Hochman Co. have joined to launch a newly redesigned and reformatted newsletter, Retirement Plan News . The newsletter is designed to be an informational resource that retirement benefit service providers can offer to employers and plan sponsors. The publication is now available in printed or electronic format, and subscribers can choose to receive it quarterly or bimonthly. Printed newsletters may be shipped in bulk to providers or mailed directly to employers and plan sponsors. Service providers can customize the newsletters by using corporate logos or by replacing the Retirement Plan News title with one of their own choosing.


ISORegister Inc. and have joined together to launch an innovative job search engine, featuring an interview/conference module. is one of the first job-oriented web sites that offers employers and corporate recruiters an online “interview room” where they can conduct one-on-one interviews to screen potential job candidates. also includes many other features offered by other job boards on the Internet, such as resume database search functions and customized job posting services.

Resume Mirror Inc . has announced the release of its job applicant sourcing tool called REX 3.2. REX 3.2 is a resume extraction tool that allows users to identify and extract job applicant data from electronic resumes in any file format. The software is designed to process, place and transfer data into applicant files or databases that employers and corporate recruiters can use readily. REX 3.2 can help employers reduce recruiting costs by quickly identifying the best-qualified job candidates and thereby streamline an organization’s hiring processes.

PeopleScout Inc. has introduced CopyScout, a recruitment tool that allows employers to quickly identify and hire qualified job candidates while reducing their recruitment advertising costs. CopyScout is designed to attract the most-qualified candidates by using high-yield, low-cost online sourcing tools that direct job applicants to a centralized toll-free number or an Internet job site operated by PeopleScout. This alternative to traditional recruitment and online advertising is designed to streamline the screening process and improve the flow of qualified candidates. The applicant-sourcing tools also use low-cost online recruitment tools, which can help employers and corporate recruiters reduce their spending on ineffective media and advertising. PeopleScout offers discounted rates for advertising and posting jobs on the Internet to employers who use CopyScout, thus further reducing recruitment costs. ›

Training And Development

GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc. and EdeoKnowledgeware have joined together to create a new learning and content management tool that allows employers to develop and maintain high-quality in-house training and educational programming. Edeo’s ForceTen software offers a wide array of tools for learning content management and performance support and now has been integrated fully with GeoMatrix’s Training Partner learning management system. The new integrated software will provide employers and corporate training departments with a powerful tool to launch, manage and track training activities, as well as develop and deploy effective course content.

Majorium Inc . has announced that its new catalog of 875 corporate training courses is now available to employers. The catalog specializes in blended training courses, which feature one or more interactive components, including classroom training, workshops, case studies, discussion groups and coaching. Each course includes detailed instructional materials for corporate trainers and program developers on how to combine the components and create effective training and development courses. Each course listed in the catalog also provides participants with self-directed exercises, which are designed to reinforce the training experience and deliver the results that employers want and need.

Work/Family Benefits

Agate Associates has launched a new service for caregivers in the workplace, designed to help employers and employees deal more effectively with elder care issues. This program provides a low-cost benefit that employers can offer to employees who must care for their elderly relatives. The program gives employees access to the expertise and experience of Agate Associates’ network of elder care and work/life consultants. The Agate Associates professionals can serve employees by helping them understand the processes of caregiving; receive help in resolving their problems and concerns; and find resources such as health care, financial planning and social outlets.

Workplace Management

Unitime Systems Inc. has added the new Points Manager module to its UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. This software tool is designed to automate compensation incentive plans and to easily integrate the plans into an organization’s time-and- attendance tracking procedures. Points Manager keeps track of employee attendance and allows employers to reward employees who do not take excessive leave or have unexcused absences from work. Points Manager also compiles attendance information and can generate six different categories of reports, specifically designed to help HR managers analyze attendance and work schedule trends throughout the entire organization.

Time America Inc. has launched a new web-based version of its popular time-and-attendance tool called NETtime. The new software tool is designed to help employers reduce the costs associated with employee time-and-attendance tracking by providing accurate and up-to-date information on scheduling and workflow processes. NETtime is designed to export employee attendance and human resource data to existing payroll and accounting systems. By using NETtime, HR managers and line supervisors can use the employee attendance data to generate and analyze reports on work schedules, staffing levels and benefits administration.

Workplace Security

Authentica Inc. has announced the launch of Authentica Secure Office 2.0, a new software tool designed to help employers better protect their intellectual property and sensitive information. The new software allows users to keep track of any computer-based document. The continuous audit trail for documents can help employers see how information is being used in their organization and understand who has access to sensitive documents and important computer records.

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