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0406 HR Magazine: Winners and Learners

By Ann Pomeroy   4/1/2006
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HR Magazine, April 2006

Vol. 51, No. 4

The Board of Examiners

The Baldrige Board of Examiners, made up of about 540 members this year including a panel of 10 judges, evaluates award applications and prepares feedback reports. Candidates for the board must apply and be approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which invites organizations to nominate experts in business, education, health care or nonprofits.

Those who are accepted receive training and agree to volunteer a sizable chunk of time during the Baldrige process year. How much time? Between 100 and 250 hours, estimates Joe Muzikowski, who was involved in the award program for 13 years as an examiner, senior examiner, judge and head judge.

Despite the heavy time commitment, Muzikowski says serving on the board has been one of the best experiences of his professional life. "You learn a lot," he says, "and you make lifelong friends." He has developed many lasting relationships with "people who think like [me] and are passionate about improvement."

Ann Pomeroy is senior writer for HR Magazine .
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