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HR Magazine: New Competencies for HR

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HR Magazine, June 2007Vol. 52, No. 6

What's Your Business Literacy?

The following questions determine the extent to which an individual has business literacy.


  1. What are the annual revenues of your business?
  2. How does your business "make money"? Of every $100 that your organization takes in, how much comes out the other end as profit and what happens in between?
  3. What is your company's market value? Price/earnings ratio?
  4. What is your company's type of funding? If equity, what type of stock are you and who are some of the major investors? If debt, who are the major lenders and what is their credit rating for your company?
  5. Who are your company's major customers? Why do they buy from you (what are their buying criteria)?
  6. What is your market share in your dominant product/service? What is your customer share of your top customers?
  7. What is your company's firm brand or desired reputation among target customers? How well is your company delivering on this brand promise?
  8. Who are your primary competitors? What are their strengths?
  9. What are the agenda items of a recent meeting of your company's board of directors?
  10. What are the objectives and goals of the top manager of your company?
Source: Dave Ulrich.
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New Competencies for HR 


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