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July 2006 HR Magazine: The Right 'Aura'

By Ann Pomeroy   7/1/2006
HR Magazine, July 2006 
Vol. 51, No. 7

Great Communicators, Great Communication

Ryan Byars, a senior engineer in preconstruction for Atlanta-based Holder Construction Co., learned what he didn't want in an employer through college internships at another construction company.

"You can get up and go to work and do a dull, boring job every day, and life gets really long," says Byars, "or you can go someplace where you feel passionate about the work."

Byars and his colleagues at Holder have chosen to follow their passion. And Holder's executive vice president for human resources, Lee Johnston, and her staff are good at finding candidates who are "Holder folks," Byars says.

Engineer Brad Hutto claims there is a "Holder aura" that makes its employees easy to spot. He felt it when he interviewed with the company a year and a half ago at a job fair. He was finishing up his final year of college and already had two or three other job offers, but knew immediately that "I wanted this job."

Ann Pomeroy is senior writer for HR Magazine .

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