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HR Magazine, September 2002 - Agenda Work/Life: Union, Corporations Reach Out To Parents of Teens

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HR Magazine, September 2002 
Vol. 47, No. 9

Workplaces Fail to Support Parents of Teens

A partnership involving the United Auto Workers, Ford Motor Co. and Visteon Corp., Fords key systems and components supplier, is creating more than 30 stand-alone 24-hour Family Service and Learning Centers near Ford plants around the country to serve families with teens. Childrenages 6 to 18of employees of Ford, Ford Credit and Visteon can participate in customized after-school, summer camp and holiday programs in partnership with local school districts and community organizations.

Activities include computer and Internet-based activities, art classes, sports, dance, book clubs, and science and nature projects. Middle school and younger high school students can get tutoring and test preparation assistance, babysitting training, CPR and first aid training. Teen Caf and movie nights are other fun alternatives for the older set, who may also volunteer for community service projects. For teens nearing adulthood, programs include drivers education, health classes, SAT/ACT preparation classes, college counseling, resume preparation assistance, an interview skills course and vocational assessment.

Centers have opened in Detroit; Cleveland; Kansas City, Mo.; Chicago; and Louisville, Ky. A total of 31 are expected to be operational by next summer.

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