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2009 HR Trendbook

09 Trend Book CoverTable of Contents

INTRODUCTION. This 2009 HR Trendbook will help you take stock of where you are and how you want to lead your organization out of the recession.

OUTLOOK. Human resource professionals expect sluggish job creation next year. On the bright side, slow job growth creates opportunities for finding people whose skills remain in high demand.

COMPENSATION. SHRM’s 2009 HR Salary Survey shows how compensation follows the economy. Get the up-to-date figures by job specialty, region and more.

BENEFITS. Explore the trends in health premium and prescription drug costs, wellness program incentives, backup dependent care offerings and long-term care initiatives.

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT. Ways of leading change and motivating employees to change; using gaming technology in onboarding new hires; uncovering trends in executive coaching; and having second thoughts on cutting leadership development programs during a recession.

AWARDS & INCENTIVES. Length-of-service awards get personal and gain popularity.

HR TECHNOLOGY. Technology underlies almost every HR function; privacy and security issues loom large; at least one high-tech company offers employees many ways to innovate with online tools.

STAFFING MANAGEMENT. Tips for keeping baby boomers in the workplace; quality measurement as the key to best-in-class talent acquisition.

RELOCATION. The weak U.S. housing market hurts employees’ chances of successfully relocating without losing money; overseas assignments continue to be a major stepping stone in leadership development.

OUTSOURCING. Human resource professionals selectively mix and match what they outsource—and what they keep in-house; advice on finding a 401(k) adviser for your employees.

END PAGE. Handy statistics on population, workforce, education and more.