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HR Magazine: Where the Data Come From

Vol. 51, No. 11

Rewards Rise for Rewards Specialists

The HR salary figures in this article are drawn from the 2006 Mercer Benchmark Database–Human Resources Module. This compensation survey, conducted annually by Mercer, is considered the leading source of pay information for the HR profession.

The survey includes data provided by 2,026 U.S. organizations from across the country, representing a wide array of industries, company sizes and types of organizational structure. The research covers 63,429 HR professionals in 133 positions, ranging from top management to administrative.

For each position, the survey report provides statistical summaries for base salary; actual payouts for short-term incentives such as bonuses; total cash compensation (base pay plus short-term incentives); pay ranges; and eligibility for and valuation of both short-term incentives as well as those considered long-term, such as stock options.

The survey also examines pay structures and pay increase practices affecting HR professionals.

Because characteristics such as industry, company size and scope of responsibility can significantly affect pay levels for many positions, the information provided in the article illustrates general compensation trends in the HR profession.

The 2006 Mercer Benchmark Database–Human Resources Module is available for purchase online at or by calling Mercer at (800) 333-3070. The cost (for results available online through Mercer’s PayMonitor) is $625 for companies that participated in the survey and $1,875 for nonparticipants.

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Joe Vocino is a senior consultant in the Human Capital Advisory Services business of Mercer Human Resource Consulting. Based in Philadelphia, he can be reached at