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November 2004


Cover for November 2004 HR Magazine

HR MAGAZINE November 2004
Vol. 49, No. 11
Table of Contents

Cooking Up Innovation. HRs efforts are an essential part of helping companies develop new products and services.
Ann Pomeroy

The UI Blues. HR professionals battle the odds and bureaucratic red tape when they attempt to fight undeserving unemployment insurance claims.
Robert J. Grossman

Spoiled Brats. If your workforce is acting like spoiled 2-year-olds, your HR policies could be the cause.
Alison Stein Wellner

Time Squeeze. HR policies influence whether employees feel comfortable taking time off.
Mary E. Medland

HR Compensation Continues To Rise. Annual survey results reflect a rebounding economy as employers focus on growth and retention.
Joe Vocino

Worth Every Penny. As particular HR functions gain corporate importance, their compensation levels also rise.
Joe Vocino

Smile, Youve Got Options. In spite of relative price stability, changes are in the works for dental benefits plans.
Martha Frase-Blunt

The Art of Give-and-Take. Consider these suggestions for making the most of your frequently required negotiation abilities.
Kathryn Tyler


    From The President. Shortage of Skilled Workers Threatens Economy. Susan Meisinger
    From the Editors. Innovation; unemployment insurance; HR compensation. Patrick Mirza; Adrienne Fox; Terence F. Shea
    HR Solutions. Employee Handbooks, W-4s, Unpaid Suspensions. Bill Schaefer, Dyane Holt and Rebecca R. Hastings
    Management Tools: Watch What You Write. Avoid these mistakes managers often make when documenting employee performance. Paul Falcone
    Legal Trends: Settle for Less.. Dont let emotional reactions to employee lawsuits blind you or your lawyers to the considerable cost savings to be gained by early settlement. John Parauda and Jathan Janove
    Future Focus: Perceptions on EthicsHR will have to learn more about what shapes employees views on leaders ethics. Jennifer Schramm
    Executive Briefing. Corporate woes can repel job-seekers; new jobs likely after election; SEC cracks down on executive perks; more.
    HR Technology. Office Depot converts employee survey data into an action plan.
    Court Report. Retaliatory words come back to haunt employer; competing with former employer is lawful, but destroying files and crippling business is not; contentnot the timing of an agreementcounts.
    Books in Brief: Understanding the Federal Wage & Hour Laws; more.
    What's New. HR management tools; testing programs for entry-level employees; COBRA software; more.

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