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50th Anniversary 2005

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Cover for 50th Anniversary 2005 HR Magazine

HR MAGAZINE · 50th Anniversary 2005
Vol. 50, No. 13
Table of Contents

Celebrating a Rich Past and an Exciting Future . On our 50th anniversary, we take stock and look ahead at the future of HR.
Johnny C. Taylor Jr. and Susan R. Meisinger

50 for History. Almost everything affects HR: society, politics, economics, law, science, medicine. Here are 50 people from various disciplines who significantly changed what HR does or how it does it.
Leon Rubis, Adrienne Fox, Ann Pomeroy, Bill Leonard, Terence F. Shea, Desda Moss, Gretchen Kraft and Stephenie Overman

10 Changes That Rocked HR. These long-term developments have dramatically altered the practice of human resource management.
Leon Rubis, Patrick Mirza, Adrienne Fox, Terence F. Shea and Desda Moss

How the Law Changed HR. Human resource professionals have adapted to dramatic changes in labor and employment law.
Paul Salvatore, Allan Weitzman and Daniel Halem

Reading into the Future
Five disciplines, six experts and a slew of predictions for the future of HR. A Half-Century Covering the Business of People. Join us in celebrating and revisiting 50 years of the magazine that has been integral to the evolution of the HR profession.
Bill Leonard

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