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Compensation and Benefits

Voya Financial Inc. announced that its insurance solutions business has launched a Chronic Illness Rider that offers policyholders an important benefit to their organizations’ life insurance products. The rider provides customers with access to funds for various chronic illnesses and differs from many long-term care coverage products because the benefit does not require assessments or care services from professional health care providers. (855) 663-8692 | |

The U.S. business group of Sun Life Financial has expanded its partnership with PlanSource to offer a comprehensive suite of employee benefits on PlanSource private health care exchanges. Sun Life’s voluntary short-term disability, long-term disability, life and accidental death and dismemberment, accident, critical illness, and cancer insurance are now available to all PlanSource OneMarket private exchange clients. (877) 735-0468 | |

The Management Compensation Report for National Voluntary Health and Human Service Organizations has just been updated and includes the latest information on more than 80 staff positions, from entry-level to executive roles. This comprehensive report includes data on salary management practices, total cash compensation, retirement benefits, medical benefits, time-off policies, sick leave and disability benefits. The report categorizes the compensation and benefits information by broad geographic areas, organizational budgets and staff sizes.

(202) 785-3910 | |

Mercer has introduced Compensation Localizer, a new tool designed to help organizations streamline how pay plans are established for employees on international assignments. The technology adjusts the economic impact to expatriate workers by calculating the difference between costs in their current and proposed job locations. The Web-based tool analyzes taxes, cost of goods and services, and housing expenses to calculate appropriate compensation levels.
(212) 345-7000 | | 

Paychex has joined with to give employers a voluntary benefit option that they can offer to their workers. The benefit features an online marketplace with products at competitive retail prices. Shoppers can choose from over 20,000 products ranging from furniture to tablet computers. All purchases may be paid in installments over 12 months by using payroll or direct deductions with no interest charges.
(855) 777-4744 | |

MetLife has announced that grief counseling services are now available for its basic group life insurance programs. This new service provides employees of MetLife clients access to licensed professional counselors and related services at no additional cost to the employer or employee.
(877) 638-2862 | |

The Guardian Life Insurance Co. has introduced a new stop-loss insurance product for employers that self-fund their organizations’ health plans. Guardian’s Stop Loss insurance helps limit employers’ financial risks when self-funding medical plans by offering protections from catastrophic or unpredictable claims.
(212) 598-8000 | |

UMB Healthcare Services has introduced a new reporting and analytics tool that allows brokers, third-party administrators and health plan sponsors to analyze health savings account (HSA) data. This data analysis tool can help administrators and plan sponsors develop HSA strategies based on what will achieve desired savings account objectives.
(855) 664-4160 | |

Think Finance has introduced a solution for workers who need emergency credit. Employers can offer this new low-cost service as a benefit to employees. Think Finance is designed to help people manage financial emergencies with minimal disruption to their work and families.
(817) 546-2700 | |

The Jellyvision Lab has launched a new online benefits resource, ALEX Does Healthcare Reform. This Web-based tool is designed to help employees understand how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will affect their health insurance options and to ease employers’ communication burdens.
(312) 667-0420 | |

Sun Life Financial has developed a series of voluntary employee benefits to help protect workers against crippling out-of-pocket expenses associated with certain qualifying critical illnesses. The new Sun Life Critical Illness Insurance options allow employers to select from group plans that offer additional insurance coverage for strokes, heart attacks, cancer and other such illnesses.
(800) 247-6875 | |

BeneTrac has launched a new call center service. Employers can enroll their employees in the service, which provides a toll-free number that is available 24/7 to employees who have questions about employer-sponsored benefits. Employees can also ask specialists questions about claims and coverage.
(619) 788-5800 | |

VSP Vision Care has announced that it is now offering individual vision care plans with a monthly pay option in nearly every state. Through the monthly payment plan, which is available in 46 states, consumers can pay as little as $13 a month, depending on the state.
(800) 877-7195 | |

Red Butler has launched Red Life, a national employee benefits program. This concierge service offers employees access to virtual assistants who can help them perform almost any task over the phone or online. |

Minnesota Life Insurance Co. now offers mobile access to its transactional site, Users can view their accounts with mobile devices and have the option to transfer to the transaction page on the full site.
(800) 843-8358 | |

Mercer has launched Mercer Marketplace, a private benefits exchange designed to help employers more effectively manage benefits costs while providing employees and their dependents with options, flexibility and service.
(212) 345-7000 | |

ING U.S. has launched the Compass Accident and Critical Illness Insurance suite of products in an effort to bring a new approach to voluntary and employee-selected insurance benefits. The benefits suite includes defined benefit policies that provide plan participants fixed payments for covered diagnoses, even if the expenses of an accident or illness are covered by the employer’s medical plan. These voluntary benefits can help participants in high-deductible health plans reduce out-of-pocket costs.
(866) 566-2316 | |

Aflac has introduced two interactive online tools, one designed to help businesses assess their current benefits programs and another to help consumers identify gaps in their insurance coverage. The Aflac Wellbeing Assessment Tool allows consumers to determine whether their existing insurance coverage provides adequate financial protection, and the Aflac Benefits Assessment Tool allows business decision-makers to compare their organizations’ benefits with those of other Aflac clients using benchmarks.
(800) 992-3522 | |

Sun Life Financial Inc. and bswift have joined together to offer new and streamlined online services for helping HR professionals manage online benefits administration and enrollment more effectively. The partnership allows brokers and HR executives to offer Sun Life group and voluntary benefits products through bswift’s online technology. The services guide consumers through the enrollment and evidence of insurability processes.
(800) 786-5433 | | has launched a national Broker Program targeting small and midsized U.S. companies. This program allows employers to offer’s full range of care solutions to employees. Services include options for child care, special-needs care and pet care.
(781) 642-5919 | |

Sun Life Financial Inc. and benefitsCONNECT have joined to offer Sun Life group and voluntary benefits programs online. The partnership offers HR and benefits professionals a cost-effective and time-efficient way to provide and administer group and voluntary benefits packages.
(800) 786-5433 | |

Aflac has announced the launch of Aflac Vision Now, a vision care insurance plan that offers enhanced benefits with improved benefits payments for regular eye examinations and vision correction procedures but no increase in premiums. Three options allow individuals to choose the plan that best suits their needs.
(800) 992-3522 | |

BeneTrac has announced the launch of an improved user interface. This interface is designed to make it easier for brokers, HR managers and employees to manage health benefits and other insurance plans online when using the BeneTrac platform.
(619) 788-5800 | |

Lincoln Financial Group is now offering Lincoln VisionConnect, a fully insured vision plan for employer benefits packages. The benefits plan provides participants access to a national network of providers and a range of vision benefits from glasses and contacts to preventive care.
(800) 423-2765 | |

The Workplace Solutions unit of Inc. has launched a national broker program targeting small to midsize U.S. companies. Services offered include options and resources for child care and special needs care, as well as a senior-care planning program.
(855) 227-3444 | |

Flexible Benefit Service Corp. has launched InsureXSolutions, a private health insurance exchange. This exchange is built on a defined contribution funding model that offers uninsured employers a way to set their own budgets and assist employees with health care expenses.
(888) 353-9178 | |

OutsourceOne has partnered with Certifi Inc. to begin providing automated employee benefits auditing services to employers. The services are designed to help businesses reduce their benefits costs and improve delivery of services to eligible employees and their families.
(888) 468-8268 | |

Benz Communications has launched Bento, a web-based service designed to help employers develop and maintain effective, year-round and company-branded benefits communications. The website can help employers reduce costs by eliminating the need for printed materials.
(888) 550-5251 | |

The First Rehabilitation Life Insurance Co. has launched a line of insurance plans called BaseLine. BaseLine plans offer employees a single simple rate with no rate tiers and no underwritten rates or charges. The plans have a guaranteed issue and do not require complicated enrollment forms.
(800) 365-4999 | |

Total Rewards Software Inc. has developed, a cloud-based software tool that combines compensation and benefits statements and an onboarding portal for new hires. The tool is designed to help employers quickly secure top job candidates and reduce time-to-hire by providing compensation and benefits information in an easy-to-understand format. Within minutes, employers can create a personal website that displays the value of their total rewards to prospective employees and explains how those rewards mesh with compensation and benefits plans. The software demonstrates to candidates and new hires an employer’s compensation package in a branded website experience that links to employer pages with details on company culture, values, mission statement and history.
(866) 478-6428 | |


The Jellyvision Lab Inc. has released a new version of ALEX, the company’s cloud-based, virtual benefits counselor. ALEX is designed to explain employee benefits in an interactive and entertaining manner. Recent enhancements include mobile applications, health fund and incentive education, and a Spanish language module. The upgrades help to assist employers and plan sponsors in communicating insurance benefits to participants. ALEX blends a technology platform with humor and jargon-free language to make benefits options easy to understand.
(312) 340-6405 | |

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