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What's New

Health and Safety
MINDBODY Inc. has launched a new workplace wellness product called the MINDBODY Exchange, which is modeled after the company’s own successful wellness program. The MINDBODY Exchange offers employees access to a nationwide directory so that they can select the wellness activities that work best for them.
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Jellyvision has released a new interactive program called “ALEX Shares Ways to Save on Your Health Care.” The Web-based program provides employers a way to communicate innovative tips and offer suggestions to employees about how to save money on their health care benefits.
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Monster has launched two new social recruiting services, TalentBin by Monster and Monster Twitter Cards. TalentBin harnesses the work-related information people share on social media and compiles the information into profiles that recruiters can use to identify qualified candidates. Twitter Cards offers recruiters a new way to communicate job openings and more effectively engage job seekers on Twitter.
(800) 666-7837 | | has introduced audio capabilities into the online job application process with its new VoiceCover platform. Designed to help hiring managers and recruiters minimize the time spent screening resumes, VoiceCover can serve as a “verbal cover letter” by allowing job candidates to tell their individual story and pitch their talents as they speak directly about their qualifications and experience.
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LinkedIn has introduced a new job search application for smartphones. The app is designed to create a unique and dedicated job search experience. In addition, the app can be a valuable resource to corporate recruiters by increasing visibility and distribution of their organizations’ job openings posted on LinkedIn.
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TripBuilder Media has released its new Mobile Recruit application. The software can help employers provide a wide range of information that is custom-tailored for job applicants. Mobile Recruit features personalized interview schedules, in-depth information about the organization, interviewer bios and feedback surveys.
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Talent Management
PI Worldwide has launched a new set of technology-driven talent management solutions. The Web-based tools include data, knowledge and support technologies, which are designed to help employers make business improvements through better assessments and placement of an organization’s talent pool. By using predictive analytics, the tools help employers measure the behavioral drivers and motivational needs of employees and job candidates.
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Populus Group has launched a redesigned company website,, to provide employers with innovative Internet-based tools and resources to manage their workforces. The site features resources such as white papers and case studies in addition to a new blog called The Summit.
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Training and Development
Adobe Inc. has launched the Adobe Experience Manager Communities for learning. The training and development tool offers employers a complete social and mobile learning solution that allows corporate trainers to disseminate information throughout an entire organization. The platform is designed to help employers channel team learning, support knowledge exchange and measure results quickly.
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Workplace Management
With the launch of VetsHQ comes a fast and secure online analysis of applicable federal benefits and entitlements for U.S. military veterans and their families. The new Web-based service can help employers of veterans by providing them with a resource to find and understand the benefits these workers are eligible to receive.
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