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Employee Recognition

Michael C. Fina has released a new electronic book called It’s Never Too Early to Engage. The e-book features guidelines for developing employee recognition initiatives that encourage meaningful employee/employer relationships and help increase organizational productivity.
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SVM’s new award codes provide a quick and easy way for incentive program managers to reward employees. Employees can redeem the SVM award codes for a variety of gift cards through webpages that can be customized to an employer’s needs and preferences.
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Michael C. Fina has updated its social recognition tool, The Recognition Wall. The tool is designed to help employees socialize across distances and congratulate their peers on career milestones by, for example, providing words of encouragement during the orientation process and honoring years of service and other events.
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Baudville has announced that it will expand its web-based service and performance award platform by acquiring Atlanta-based hi5 Recognition. By combining resources with hi5 Recognition, Baudville will be able to help clients implement comprehensive day-to-day informal and formal recognition programs that can help generate employee engagement and improve profitability.
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Entertainment Benefits Group has launched a free corporate benefits program called The web-based service provides free, easy-to-use, password-protected access to hundreds of discounted offers on hotel rooms, entertainment and attractions across the United States for businesses with 200-plus employees.
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Hively has announced a new software tool called Kudos, which is designed to help managers better identify and reward top-performing employees. Kudos is an immediate employee feedback and reward system that enhances Hively’s software platform for soliciting and measuring customer feedback by providing users the ability to offer employees a quick pat on the back and to move from a virtual to a tangible reward system. |  

Inspirato has announced the launch of Inspirato for Business, a corporate membership program designed for employers that want to recognize and reward their executives, employees and clients with exclusive travel privileges. Companies can now purchase multiple individual Inspirato memberships for their most valued employees and one-time guest passes to reward employee performance and customer loyalty.
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Parago Inc. has introduced the Parago Reward Ordering Portal, which provides employers a central location for ordering, loading and activating custom prepaid cards for employee incentives and rewards. This one-stop, self-service online resource is designed to ease procurement of prepaid incentive cards. It allows employers to select, load, activate, pay for and ship cards in an easy-to-use environment. The portal is designed to make ordering reward and incentive cards quicker, simpler and more accountable by allowing users to place orders, manage budgets, select reward amounts, and design and track redemption within approved parameters.
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Pricelock has launched Miles Ahead, an incentive and recognition program designed to help companies defray employees’ commuting expenses. With Miles Ahead, HR professionals can recognize performance, increase retention and recruit from a larger geographic area by decreasing the cost of gasoline for employees. With these services, employers can award ongoing or one-time discounts to employees based on performance, merit or employee tenure. Employees can purchase fuel at discounted or capped rates with Miles Ahead rewards cards. Unlike single-use gas cards, Miles Ahead features an ongoing program that employers can monitor and adjust at any time.
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O.C. Tanner Inc. has launched iappreciate, an employee appreciation application that provides managers with mobile recognition tools. The application is for smart phones and iPad and is designed to help managers create meaningful recognition presentations. From a simple platform, business leaders can set a date for recognition events, invite people to speak, draft talking points and create ready-to-print certificates. Managers can also send quick e-notes to team members for jobs well done and flag important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries. The new website and application soon will be available in 14 languages with the content updated quarterly.
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Dittman Incentive Marketing has launched the website The site features employee engagement tools, rewards fulfillment services and information that can help businesses improve performance through improved employee recognition. The site is designed to provide prompts, reminders and other tips to help managers and supervisors remember and recognize the efforts of their employees. The recognition modules and resources offered include sales incentives, recognition programs and referral programs.
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Hallmark Business Connections creates custom programs that help businesses recognize, reward and retain employees. Hallmark’s new engagement efforts include incentives, greeting cards and gifts delivered to employees online or on mobile devices
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LoyalNation has announced the launch of its website, LoyalNation offers ideas and solutions designed to help organizations meet objectives by developing programs that reward employees and customers.
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TharpeRobbins Inc. has partnered with n-gen People Performance Inc. to develop the Omni Mall, which offers reward and recognition products that appeal to employees from their early 20s to those approaching retirement. The merchandise crosses most cultural lines. By testing the products and marketing for several months, TharpeRobbins has refined the product mix to offer something for everyone.
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