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Health and Safety

Coach Alba is a new text-based mobile health coaching service designed to help increase employee enthusiasm and engagement in employer-provided wellness programs. To use Coach Alba, employees set private reminders that can provide motivation to avoid temptations at crucial moments.
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Mindbody has created a new workplace wellness product called Mindbody Exchange. The Web-based service offers employers a program that creates sustainable wellness routines by recognizing that each employee has unique health care needs. Through the Mindbody Exchange, employees have access to a nationwide directory so that they can choose wellness activities that work best for them.
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Jiff Inc. has launched Challenges by Jiff, a game-oriented online experience that encourages employees to compete or work together to fulfill organizational health goals. Jiff offers employees the freedom to access the health applications and devices they prefer while still participating in company wellness initiatives.
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Weight Watchers International Inc. has launched Weight Watchers for Diabetes, a new wellness program that focuses on the unique needs of workers with type 2 diabetes. Program participants are offered unlimited access to certified health care professionals who work directly with individuals to tailor diet plans to their specific needs. 
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Standard Process has launched a new business unit called Cultivate that is designed to help businesses lower health care costs and increase organizational efficiencies by developing onsite wellness centers. Cultivate is one of the first businesses to include onsite chiropractic professionals in organizational wellness programs.
(855) 295-4535 | | has developed a new health care option: MyDoc Visa HealthCards. These prepaid cards are designed to deliver health care benefits to employees in smaller increments that are more controllable for employers. The cards can also serve as gifts or recognition awards for employees, customers and clients.
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Eisai Inc. has launched a new website designed to provide employers with information about obesity management. The website,, offers employers access to articles, links to wellness sites and downloadable weight management tools.
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United Concordia has launched a new wellness program called UCWellness designed to close the gap between dental health and overall wellness. UCWellness, which includes print and online resources, seeks to educate employers and health care consumers about the science behind plans that support dental health.
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Aon Hewitt and eHealth Inc. have joined together to offer benefits enrollment services to certain employees who want individual health insurance coverage. Through the new partnership, employees of Aon Hewitt’s clients who are not eligible for employer-provided benefits may access eHealth’s leading online marketplace to find and buy a health insurance plan that best fits their individual or family needs.
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Aflac Insurance Co. recently launched the Aflac Hospital Advantage Policy, which is designed to address the changing needs of health insurance policyholders. The Aflac Hospital Advantage Policy includes more coverage plans and new health savings account options.
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MyBodyCount has introduced a clinical health score that is now available to the public. The score is based on factors that can help predict a patient’s risk of future health-related problems, such as developing diabetes and heart, kidney and lung diseases.
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The FitLinxx Pebble is an all-day activity monitor designed to motivate people to be active. Developed for corporate wellness programs, the easy-to-use device clips to an individual’s shoe or waistband, blending seamlessly into daily life.
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Jiff Inc. has launched the Jiff Platform, a Web-based tool designed to help businesses take advantage of the rapidly evolving digital health world. Health insurance plans, large provider groups, self-insured employers and wellness program providers can use the Jiff Platform to adapt their health programs faster, increase revenues, lower costs and improve outcomes by engaging in collaborative, connected relationships with the consumers they serve.
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The Dow Chemical Co. has unveiled a beta version of the Dow Lab Safety Academy, a digital learning environment that shares Dow’s best practices in industrial safety in a quick and accessible format. The Dow Lab Safety Academy includes dozens of videos featuring lab safety guidelines, grouped into four comprehensive categories, for a variety of real-life scenarios.
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help individuals make smarter decisions about prescriptions, Castlight Health has launched Castlight Pharmacy. Pharmacy. By using Castlight, health plan participants can shop for prices on prescriptions by exploring options including pharmacies, mail-order services, generic brands, and large or small quantities.
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Buck Consultants is launching RightOpt, a private health exchange for employers with 3,000 or more benefits-eligible employees. The health exchange will be open for enrollment in fall 2013 and is designed to help employers reduce health care costs and improve employee and dependent health outcomes.
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Interactive Health has launched a comprehensive wellness solution called Healthy Triumph. The tool is designed to support employers as they respond to health care reform mandates that focus on wellness and preventive care. The program emphasizes early detection of health risks while helping employers reward employees for proactive health management.
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Honeywell Safety Products has launched an array of workplace safety products. These include a full-body harness designed for comfort and safety, an interactive tool designed to calculate critical safety information, and ultra-lightweight wide-view safety goggles.
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Parago Inc. has announced the launch of a wellness reward suite. This suite of reward and incentive options is tailored to employer-sponsored wellness programs and offers compelling, health-oriented incentives. The package includes a range of rewards such as prepaid bank cards, gift cards and e-gift codes.
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The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America has launched a video series focusing on the health care reform law’s impact on brokers and employers. The videos offer viewers insights on topics such as insurance exchanges, small-business issues and employee-paid benefits.
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Interactive Health has launched a new comprehensive wellness solution. Healthy Triumph is designed to support employers as they respond to the health care reform mandates specific to wellness and preventive care. The program focuses on early detection of health risks while helping employers reward employees for proactive health management.
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Honeywell Safety Products has launched an array of workplace safety products. These include a full-body harness designed for worker comfort and safety, an interactive tool designed to calculate critical safety information, and ultra-lightweight wide-view safety goggles.
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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and Blue Cross and Blue Shield have launched a redesigned online national doctor and hospital search engine. This online tool is available to clients nationwide. The new version of the National Doctor and Hospital Finder offers participants in these health plans an easy way to find the best providers for their health care needs.
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UnitedHealthcare has added accident protection to its voluntary benefits product offering for employers. The accident protection plan provides cash benefits that can help limit employees’ out-of-pocket expenses after an accident. The benefit can help cover lost income plus pay deductibles and co-payments. |

Select International has launched its Safety Suite of Solutions, which features assessment tools for identifying and selecting job applicants with strong safety-related backgrounds. This software tool includes guidelines and assessments designed to improve the safety performance of existing employees.
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Health Dialog is now providing its online WELLNESS Dialog platform to HR professionals in the United States free of charge for one year. The program offers healthy competitions for prizes, including fitness devices, activity-focused video games, gift cards and charitable donations.
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ADP and The Vitality Group have joined together to launch the ADP Vitality wellness solution. The solution is an incentive-based wellness program that midsize employers can use to lower health care costs by motivating employees to make healthier lifestyle choices.
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Willis North America’s Human Capital Practice has developed and released several enhancements to its Health Care Reform Impact Analysis Calculator. The calculator is designed to help employers understand and address the financial impacts of the new regulations and requirements of the federal health care reform law.
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Argus Dental Plan has launched the Dental Saving Account. The account is designed to reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses through a Preferred Dentist Network. Benefits include reducing maximum annual contributions, setting maximum fees for dental procedures and providing fund rollovers.
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InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions has joined with gBehavior to provide wellness expertise, program designs and program delivery to employers that use InteliSpend’s services. The partnership is focused on helping reduce health care costs for employers and employees by improving wellness programs and plan participants’ health care knowledge.
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Aetna Everactive is a new web-based social community and online resource designed to help people find and participate in local health-related events. Aetna’s clients can now offer Aetna Everactive to employees as a no-cost wellness benefit.
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Every U.S. health care consumer has access to YourCity.MD, an online resource with information on providers and services available in users’ communities. YourCity.MD is designed to help employers and health care plan sponsors improve the health and productivity of their plan participants. By helping participants become more knowledgeable consumers, YourCity.MD can help reduce health care costs. Users can connect to a YourCity.MD database hub by entering their ZIP code; they then have immediate access to top-quality medical information and can communicate with others in their communities. |

Aetna has announced that it will offer MyBrainSolutions as part of its wellness and behavioral health benefits services. Developed by Brain Resource Ltd., MyBrainSolutions is an interactive brain-training website that brings together games, videos and trackers designed to improve stress management strategies, memory and attention. These services are designed for employers looking to improve productivity and the health and well-being of their workforces. The services are designed to give adults tools to take charge of their well-being and job performance. MyBrainSolutions uses an objective personal assessment to measure areas of brain performance and then matches individuals to specific training games and exercises.

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Cigna’s new customer website,, allows customers to assess medical costs—including specialist, facility and other health-related fees. The site takes into account and adjusts for the real-time status of health plan deductibles and co-insurance, as well as available funds in health spending accounts. This online resource is designed to help employers lower their health care costs by making plan participants more-informed health care consumers. The service allows customers to compare caregiver costs for performing a procedure at different hospitals.

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UnitedHealthcare International is now offering international health insurance coverage to businesses with employees in the Middle East through a strategic alliance with Dubai-based Al Sagr National Insurance Co. This alliance provides local health coverage and services for UnitedHealthcare’s Global Solutions clients in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Bahrain and Kuwait.
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Accident Fund Insurance Co. of America has launched a website for workers’ compensation news, information and resources that can help keep employees safe and their workers’ comp costs down. Users can register to receive WorkSafe solutions e-mails with news and information for the industries of their choice. The site features the resources and tools available to Accident Fund customers. Its WorkSafe Toolbox gives employers access to online training, safety videos and other educational materials.

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