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Workplace Management

Prime Numbers Technology has launched Prime Sourcing, a new product providing businesses with analytical capabilities to optimize business travel effectively and to coordinate sourcing efficiently. Prime Sourcing’s new dynamic analytics streamlines the process of answering frequently asked questions in travel data management and displays information via a graphic interface that allows users to explore and manipulate data for valuable insight into business travel usage and costs.
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Paycor has announced the release of Perform Time, a new Web-based tool designed to help employers make time-keeping and payroll functions more efficient. Perform Time offers employees, managers and payroll administrators a user-friendly integrated tool that simplifies time-reporting and payroll functions, which in turn can help businesses reduce their administrative costs.
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The new iSolved Mobile application from Infinisource allows employees to clock into the iSolved platform from anywhere with their smartphones. Users can clock in individually, or team leaders can clock in their team or groups of employees. The new iSolved Mobile app combines time, payroll and other support functions into a single human capital management function.
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With the launch of VetsHQ comes a fast and secure online analysis of applicable federal benefits and entitlements for U.S. military veterans and their families. The new Web-based service can help employers of veterans by providing them with a resource to find and understand the benefits these workers are eligible to receive.
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Magnatag’s new magnetic 365-day attendance and vacation monitor whiteboard shows employee absentee patterns and can help businesses reduce vacation conflicts. The Attendance Tracker package includes magnets and everything needed to use the innovative and highly functional system.
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Ramco Systems has announced that its popular comprehensive human resource and talent management software, Ramco HCM, is now available with support for GPS (global positioning system) and NFC (near field communication). The tool will offer clients NFC-based time and attendance reporting that gives employers a high-tech way to authenticate, trace and interact with employees in multiple locations.
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IDentity Theft 911 has announced the release of a new tool designed to assess the security risk third-party vendors can present to organizations. The new Web-based software is called Vendor RiskCompass and is designed to provide businesses with a cost-efficient way to evaluate new or existing vendors for risks and to determine if additional safeguards are needed.
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Macromicro LLC has launched PeopleMap, a new platform designed to help employees of large, multinational companies find the information and help they need to perform their jobs. PeopleMap works with existing corporate directories and traditional organizational charts by connecting with HR information system databases. The software is designed to become the GPS of an organization by displaying divisions, units, countries, states and offices in an easy-to-understand format.
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Exterro Inc. has unveiled Fusion Employee Monitor, software designed to protect the integrity of corporate data that can be adversely affected by employee job changes and turnover. The software detects employee status changes to ensure that critical information tied to business activities, legal matters or regulatory actions remains secure.
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Kin Workplace Solutions LLC has launched a new Web-based application that helps companies do a better job of hiring, onboarding and managing teams. With the app, HR departments can create personalized onboarding resources that provide details on tasks, contact information, forms and files that every employee needs when starting a new job.
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LiveOrgChart has announced an upgrade to its popular Web-based organizational management tool. The tool allows users to view all staff charts in a multilevel page. In addition, an improved import tool accepts spreadsheets generated by most HR information systems and Microsoft Excel. 
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Macromicro is a new tool designed to help employers make sense of "big data." The software is designed for a wide range of uses, including succession planning, retention, leadership identification, and mergers and acquisitions. Macromicro is an interactive visualization tool that can provide HR leaders with a holistic view of their organizations.
(617) 818-1291 | | has launched a new online service that offers business leaders a wide array of up-to-date research and information on the hottest business trends. Each month, BusinessMinded’s team of management experts and editors locate information that can offer innovative insights to businesspeople. |

Everest Information Services LLC has added a new secure, cloud-based data vault designed to protect and store important personal information. The new service is called Tenzing and is now available to all Everest clients.
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Workplace Systems Inc. has released “Workplace: The Game,” a Web-based video game. Players of “Workplace: The Game” assume the role of operations manager and are given the task of running a store while turning a profit. The game uses real-life scenarios to accurately reflect the challenges and rewards of managing a business in today’s workplace.
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Replicon has announced the release of Replicon Mobile, a new application for smartphones and tablets. Designed for the modern, on-the-go workforce, this software application allows users to access all the features of Replicon’s latest time and attendance functions from most smartphones and electronic tablets.
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Lumesse has released ETWeb Mobile as part of its popular ETWeb talent management platform. This new software application is designed to provide the increasingly mobile workforce access to Lumesse’s powerful talent management system. The advanced mobile application can help managers become more productive by allowing them to complete employee requests from any electronic device connected to the Internet.
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TripScanner has released a new tool designed to help small and midsize businesses control business travel costs. This tool allows employees to book travel arrangements through any online service and then forward confirmation e-mails directly to the TripScanner service. TripScanner will then automatically send alerts when business travel arrangements violate corporate policy.
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Peopletrail has expanded its drug-screening services to provide a more convenient nationwide network of screening locations to employers. The new enhancements are designed to offer employers more-refined substance detection and drug-abuse prevention management programs.
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Moveline has released a new online corporate relocation guide. This Web-based resource includes information and tips that can help employees address common relocation concerns such as negotiating with moving companies, finding a new place to live and helping family members adjust to their new location.
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RoundPegg Inc. has developed and released EngagePegg, innovative software designed to track employee engagement in real time. EngagePegg is the fourth component in the company’s corporate culture management suite. The software modules work together to measure and track key aspects of organizational culture.
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InterviewStream has launched ivMessage, a video-messaging tool that allows business professionals to send one-way video communications online. An Internet connection and webcam are needed to record and distribute messages.
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TSheets Timetracking Inc. has launched time tracking software that allows employees to use smartphones, tablets and laptops to track and report work hours. Using iPhone and Android apps, employees can clock in from remote locations; GPS tracking systems verify the locations.
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Matrix Absence Management Inc. has added employer reporting and analyzing functions to its mobile application. The technology enhancement allows HR and benefits administrators to view, manage and review employee absence data remotely from a smartphone or tablet.
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Guardian Life Insurance Co. now offers employers an absence management program called Guardian AbsenceWorks. The program features two custom software tools designed to meet the diverse needs of employers of every size.
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