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Attitude on Rehiring Boomerang Workers Changing
Three-fourths of HR professionals and 65 percent of managers say they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees—those workers who leave an organization only to try to rejoin it sometime later—than they used to be, revealing a changing mindset about these individuals.

Benefit Contribution Limits Unlikely to Change Much for 2016
Contribution limits on 401(k) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) will probably remain the same or increase only marginally in 2016, as evidenced by recent consumer price index (CPI) reports. The same is likely for annual changes to the amount of income subject to Social Security payroll withholding (FICA), which also is subject to indexing each year based on U.S. inflation rate measures.

Is Motivation or Qualifications Most Important in a Candidate?
One-third of nearly 500 executives surveyed in August 2015 said a candidate’s motivations and drivers are the most important factor when sourcing for open positions.

Retailers Should Prepare Now for Next Hot Season
When the outdoor temperature tops 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the cool, air-conditioned comfort of a retail store may be a refuge for salespeople, but it is easy to forget that many other retail employees (including truck drivers, loaders, mechanics, janitors, maintenance personnel, cart attendants, and warehouse crews) may be feeling the heat in their workplaces.

The 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016
Trying to hire the best and the brightest candidates has been a massive challenge this year. Unfortunately for most recruiters, next year is shaping up to be even tougher as corporate pressure mounts to attract candidates who match the skill sets most in demand.

Smaller Hikes in Health Premium Rates Forecast for 2016
Compared to the steep spikes in health plan premiums seen in years past, rate increases for 2016 will remain relatively modest for most medical plan options, although still outpacing overall inflation as represented by the consumer price index.

Are LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements Reliable?
A candidate’s LinkedIn connections can endorse them for skills listed on their profile with a single click. Connections can also submit written recommendations. But do these referrals have any real value?More News from the World of HR Archive 


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