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Liar, Liar, Resume on Fire
If a job candidate looks perfect on paper, HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers should be wary. Sometimes in an attempt to stand out, an applicant makes an unforgivable misstep—lying or exaggerating on his or her resume.

No Salary Negotiations Allowed
Take It or Leave It: Should Salary Discussions Be a One-Way Street? Experts say banning salary negotiations won’t necessarily level the playing field.

UK: Employee Fairly Dismissed for Old Facebook Comments
An employer fairly dismissed an employee who posted comments on Facebook expressing offensive views of his colleagues and suggesting that he had consumed alcohol while on standby for work.

Compensation Budgets Favor Variable Over Fixed Pay
The lion’s share of annual pay increases is being allocated to variable pay such as incentives, bonuses and cash awards,  new data from consultancy Aon Hewitt revealed.

UAE Nets Highest Professional Migration Growth
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw the most professional migration growth activity in 2014, according to a LinkedIn  analysis of member profiles.

Countering Stress That’s Making Employees Sick, Distraught
New research is highlighting how workplace stress and anxiety is making employees sick, and not just at notorious  pressure-cookers such as Amazon. Through-the-roof stress levels mean less productive and less engaged workers, topped off  by higher medical claims, at all kinds of organizations
How Much You Should Have Saved for Retirement Right Now
There's actually a simple answer to how much should you have saved for retirement. Simply start with a bunch of basic assumptions, including your income and age.


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