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More News from the World of HR

Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  1/30/2015
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US Economy Grew at 2.4% Rate in 2014, Best Since 2010
The economy finished 2014 on a solid note, buoyed by robust consumer spending even as other sectors showed signs of weakness. For all of 2014, the economy grew at a rate of 2.4 percent, the best showing since 2010, the Commerce Department reported.
New York Times

You Need to Make $108,092 a Year to Live Comfortably in D.C., Report Says

The only cities with a higher cost of comfort are New York boroughs and in the San Francisco Bay area.
Washington Post

Comcast Slams Customer with a Major Insult
Why is this Comcast bill addressed to "A-hole?" CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on an epic customer service fail.


Court Weighs Pay for Interns
Should interns be paid like employees, or is getting experience at a company compensation enough? A panel of three judges in New York appeals court will take on the question of unpaid internships on Friday, in hopes of setting a standard for when employers must pay interns, and when companies can hire unpaid labor or offer college credit.
Wall Street Journal
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Some Businesses Say Immigrant Workers Harder to Find
The president’s recent executive actions will allow millions of immigrants to stay in the U.S., but many businesses say those changes aren’t enough to help them find and keep all the workers they need.

Uber’s Business Model Could Change Your Work
New technologies have the potential to divide a variety of traditional jobs into tasks that can be assigned to people just when they’re needed. But the rise of such work could also make your income less predictable and your long-term employment less secure. And it may relegate the idea of establishing a lifelong career to a distant memory.
New York Times
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Would You Let Your Firm Microchip You? (video)
A hi-tech office in Sweden offers to implant microchips under the skin of staff in bid to make some simple tasks easier.

Metadata Can Expose Person’s Identity Even Without Name
New analytic formula identifies people without names, account numbers
Your shopping habits can expose who you are even when you are just one of a million nameless customers in a database of anonymous credit-card records, according to a new study that shows how so-called metadata can be used to circumvent privacy protections in commercial and government databases.
Wall Street Journal
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Newsweek Cover About Sexism in Silicon Valley Stirs Emotions, Gets Reactions
The latest Newsweek cover depicting a woman in a red dress, whose skirt is being lifted by a cursor, has sparked off ire online and is generating not very positive reactions from people on social media.
Tech Times


The Importance of Mentors, Where to Find Them
Mentors or business coaches come in all shapes and sizes that can handle the myriad of topics that you may be having a problem. Search for the mentors who are expert on your specific business size, your specific industry, or your specific business problem on a case-by-case basis.


Eurozone Jobless Rate Lowest Since August 2012
The euro area jobless rate fell unexpectedly to the lowest level since August 2012, yet remains elevated. The unemployment rate came in at a double-digit 11.4 percent in December, slightly down from 11.5 percent in November.
RTT News

Seeking German Women for Boardrooms as Quotas Near
Time is running out for Ulrich Lehner, the supervisory board chairman of German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp AG, as lawmakers prepare to enforce female quotas in corporate boardrooms.

Spain's Economy Grows 1.4% in 2014 as Recession Fades
MADRID (AP) - Spain's economy grew by 1.4 percent in 2014, ending a five-year run of negative or flat figures and providing further evidence that the country is recovering from a crippling double-dip recession.
SF Gate


Japan Limps Out of Recession With December Production Gain
Japan’s economy probably limped out of its fourth recession since 2008 last quarter, with a report Friday showing industrial production eking out a gain in December after a slide the previous month.












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