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More News From the World of HR

Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  9/22/2014
Study: Recovery Eludes Long-Term Unemployed
More than 20 percent of Americans laid off the past five years are still unemployed and one in four who found work is in a temporary job, according to a survey out Monday. The report underscores that despite a sharp drop in long-term unemployment recently, many people out of work at least six months are still struggling.

Is Facebook One of the Best U.S. Companies?
As the world’s largest social network, Facebook has arguably been the most important trendsetter for the nascent category. As the forerunner, Facebook has handled this pressure expertly. While the company has made a few mistakes along the way, the social network has also set the bar exceptionally high in some of the most crucial areas.

Sick Leave Measure Divides Workers, Businesses
Volunteers at the Coalition for Social Justice get last minute instructions before heading out to canvas voters in Fall River about the sick pay initiative. Timothy Chouinard, 39, was sitting on his porch having a drink and listening to music when two members of the Coalition for Social Justice started up the steps of the three-decker.
Boston Globe

Cutting Wages Is Hard to Do: Why That's Bad for Unemployment
In Jackson Hole, Wyo., this August, Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, gave a speech explaining just how hard it is to understand unemployment. She made passing mention of an idea only an economist could love: “downward nominal wage rigidity.”

Retirement Planning: How to Save on Health Care
Survey says: You're probably worried about how to pay for health care during your retirement. More people list having good health as their top priority for a happy retirement, over being financially secure and having loved ones around you.

Gen Xers Are Poorer Than Their Parents
Gen Xers may be taking home bigger paychecks than their parents did at the same age, but they haven't been able to accumulate nearly as much wealth. The typical Gen Xer has only $29,100 in wealth, compared to the $65,200 that their parents had socked away at the same age, according to a new report from the Pew Economic Mobility Project.

Ex-Employees Say Home Depot Left Data Vulnerable
The risks were clear to computer experts inside Home Depot: The home improvement chain, they warned for years, might be easy prey for hackers. But despite alarms as far back as 2008, Home Depot was slow to raise its defenses, according to former employees.
New York Times

Best to Not Sweat the Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You
Chronic stress is hazardous to health and can lead to early death from heart disease, cancer and of other health problems. But it turns out it doesn't matter whether the stress comes from major events in life or from minor problems. Both can be deadly.
National Public Radio

Private Equity Firms Adopt HR Skills for Top Talent at Portfolio
It’s not just financial numbers that private equity (PE) firms dabble in these days. In times of scarce leadership/CXO talent, PEs are adapting to a new skill in human resource management, and they are putting it to good use.
Times of India

Union Protest Against Pension Reforms Draws Large Crowd in Montreal
Thousands marched through downtown Montreal on Saturday to denounce the Quebec government's planned pension reforms for municipal workers. The rally, which spanned several street lengths, was organized by union groups opposed to the changes.
Canadian HR Reporter

Strike Threatens to Snarl Air France Flights for 2nd Week
A pilots strike threatens to snarl Air France flights for a second week in a row as the pilots protest plans to beef up a low-cost unit of the company. The strike has created headaches for thousands of Air France customers, grounding more than half of Air France's entire flight schedule last week.

German Amazon Workers Strike for Higher Pay
Workers at four of’s German distribution centers have started a two-day strike in a long-running dispute over wages. The ver.di union said Monday workers at the American online retailer's logistics centers in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld, Graben and Rheinberg will stay off the job until Tuesday evening.
Fox News

German Employers Struggle to Find Apprentices
It’s lunchtime at Tauro and the restaurant staff are bustling to keep up with orders for marinated pork ribs, spinach-filled crepes and chicken breast with ricotta and pine kernels. The 800-seat eatery caters to Berlin’s affluent Prenzlauer Berg district and when the evening crush starts owner Gerd Spitzer needs all hands on deck.
Washington Post
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