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More News From the World of HR

Compiled by SHRM Online Staff  10/24/2014
Transgender Fed Employee Wins Historic Discrimination Case
TheU.S. Office of Special Counsel on Thursday announced a landmark determination that the Department of the Army engaged in “frequent, pervasive and humiliating,” gender-identity discrimination against Tamara Lusardi, a veteran and civilian Army software specialist who transitionedfrom male to female.
Washington Post


Millennials Really Good at $aving Money
More of Millennials are putting money away for retirement, according to a new analysis released Thursday by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Washington Post

Please Do Not Leave A Message: Why Millennials Hate Voice Mail
We've all heard that automated voice mail lady, telling us what to do after the beep, but fewer people than ever are leaving messages. The millennials won't even listen to them — they'd much rather receive a text or Facebook message. But step inside the office, and the old rules still apply. There's no escaping the beep.


Tobacco Company Bans Smoking in Office
Reynolds American, the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based maker of cigarette brands such asCamel, Kool and Pall Mall,announcedthat in January it will begin imposing more restrictions on where its employees can light up. The new policieswill be phased in through 2016, as new designated smoking areas are built. The company already prohibitssmoking on factory floors, in cafeterias and in fitness centers.
Washington Post


Typical American Worker Has Saved Just $20,000 for Retirement: Survey
Middle-class individuals throughout the United States have a median of just $20,000 total saved for retirement, compared to the $250,000 necessary to sustain their way of lives after leaving their jobs, according to a recent Wells Fargo survey.
National Monitor


5 Guilt-Free Ways to Make Sure You Use All Your Vacation

For those who feel like taking a vacation is stealing from the company in some way, know this: Vacations weren’t invented by employees. The vacation tradition was started in the 1920s and '30s by employers who found giving their workers a week or two off during the year increased overall productivity. Work to Live speaker Joe Robinson offers offered these handy tips to workers to make sure they use all of their vacation.
Today Money

Want more time off? Live here
What is the key to work satisfaction? While some may say it is job stability or a hefty paycheck, the answer may lie in another factor — the number of public holidays your country observes.


NBC Universal to Settle Suit by Former Interns for $6.4 Million

NBC Universal and a group of former interns have agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit contending the interns should have been paid for their work. The $6.4-million settlement, subject to court approval, would be shared by thousands of interns, including some who worked at "Saturday Night Live."
LA Times


California Cracks Down on Wage Theft by Employers
State regulators are wielding a new tool to combat the intractable problem of employer wage theft, which costs workers an estimated $390 million a year.
LA Times

Reducing Sedentary Behaviour Could Lower Health-Care Costs by $2.6 Billion: Conference Board
If just 10 per cent of Canadian adults reduced sedentary behaviour and become more active, national health-care costs could be lowered by about $2.6 billion, according to a report by the Conference Board of Canada and ParticipACTION.
HR Reporter


































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