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Winter 2008 Managing Smart


  • Tattletales Spell Trouble
    Gossips, rumormongers and snitches. No, we’re not discussing the latest Harry Potter book. These caustic characters are a reality in the workplace and leave many managers at their wits’ end. If you are held hostage by corporate pot-stirrers, this article will teach you how to break the spell.

  • Speak To Inspire
    Communicating vision and values is essential to driving business results, but many leaders are unable to relay the message to employees. Set aside time to reflect and write a vision for your team before speaking to your employees. Read on.

  • Ignitions Ready
    Four business trends are setting the stage for managers to have more power within their firms; seven “ignition points” help them accelerate. The most successful managers will leverage this power by focusing on the unique contributions they can make, given their roles in their organizations.

  • The Paralysis of Political Correctness
    Managers are trapped by workplace- or business-related incidents where a casual comment, remark or question can invoke profound misunderstandings and consequences. People have grown afraid to voice their opinions and communicate honestly. If you are stymied about the right thing to say, for fear of offending, you’re not alone. Read on.

  • Resources for Managers
    Books and software to help managers do their jobs better.
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