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April - June 2005

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Cover Story
Use Personality Tests Legally and Effectively
Using the wrong type of personality test—or using the right test incorrectly— can get you into legal hot water. By Lisa Daniel

Recruitment Outsourcing Serves Up Options This fast-growing practice allows you to farm out certain functions while retaining overall control of your hiring. By Stephenie Overman

What the Best Do
Companies noted for their progress in diversity recruitment share their successful strategies. By Phaedra Brotherton

Up Front
Hiring is up, but qualified candidates are still hard to find. Rewards programs become top priority for benefits specialists. Few government agencies assess their recruiting systems over the long haul. More. (print edition only)

Tools & Techniques: Contingent Workers A Predictable Gamble
Properly classified independent contractors can meet your staffing needs. By Clint Robison (print edition only)

Ready Resources
Background-checking guide. Online competency-based interview tool. Customizable workforce staffing software. Ad-free job search engine. Searchable database of executives. More. (print edition only)

All in a Day’s Work - Recruiting Horror Stories
Interviewing philanderers, thieves, puppets and more. (print edition only)

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