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July - September 2006


Seeking Secrets in Cyberspace
Using popular search engines to investigate candidates has its pros and its cons. By Steve Taylor

Town and Country Recruiting
Lure workers away from big cities to your company’s less-populated worksite. By Stephenie Overman

When the Grass Wasn’t Greener
Former employees might want to return—and you might want to let them. By John Pulley

DEPARTMENTS (not available in online edition)
Up Front
Costs are up, but recruiting efficiency is down. College major a concern to recruiters. Interviewers want candidates to pipe down. More. (print edition only)

Tools & Techniques: ‘Fair’ Play
Creativity and nontraditional approaches breathe new life into the old standby—job fairs. By Kim Fernandez (print edition only)

Ready Resources
Talent management platform. Veteran recruiting sites. More. (print edition only)

All in a Day’s Work - Workers Put on a Happy Face. By Kathy Gurchiek (print edition only)

SHRM Staffing Research Insert: Recruiting Benchmarks (print edition only)

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