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October - December 2006


The Patient Approach
How one hospital keeps its employee morale up and its turnover down. By Steve Taylor

Packaging Your Presentation
Attract applicants from all generations by tweaking the way you present what your company offers. By Stephenie Overman

Make It Meaningful, Not Menial
Help your interns become valuable regular staff—and keep them at your company. By Kim Fernandez

DEPARTMENTS (not available in online edition)
Up Front
Students name companies best at recruiting. Job market still challenging for hiring managers and job-seekers. Is there a talent shortage? More. (print edition only)

Tools & Techniques: Signing Bonuses Show Them the Money
Not just for executives anymore, signing bonuses can attract a range of talent. By Erin Binney (print edition only)

Ready Resources
Occupational assessments. Applicant tracking system. More. (print edition only)

A Day’s Work - Sleuth out the problems in your recruitment process.. By Diane Cadrain (print edition only)

SHRM Staffing Research Insert: Estimating Future Staffing Levels (print edition only)

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