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A Case Study: Creating Effective Cultural Organizational Change For Competitive Advantage

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This Competitive Practices highlights one of the winners of the 2003 HR Leadership Awards of Greater Washington. Established in 2002, the HR Leadership Awards of Greater Washington recognize human resource professionals who exemplify extraordinary leadership in their organizations and in the community. Human resource professionals from the Washington, D.C., area are nominated for their meaningful contributions to the ongoing development of the human resource profession.

This case study describes events leading to, and the results of, Avendra's Associate Satisfaction Initiative—specifically, how and why the initiative was developed, its various components and its impact on Avendra today. The approach taken—the process and the results—could be described as "textbook organizational culture change:" get management support, assess the situation, gather data, consider the options, put programs in place and evaluate the results. However, what makes this case study stand out is not the unique approach but rather the fact that such an approach was carefully undertaken, strategically thought through with the company's business goals in mind, well communicated, and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Without a doubt, the steadfast support of the Executive Team provided the foundation for a successful organizational change effort. Not all organizations take the time to research organizational issues in-depth and strategically set out to address them. The Avendra story is an example of a highly successful organizational change effort.  

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