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SHRM Customized Benchmarking Service

Easy. Affordable. Indispensable.

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With more than 500 benchmarks in human capital, health care, retirement, benefits prevalence, paid leave, job satisfaction, and workplace flexibility, our database of 10,000 organizations fills the gap between expensive benchmarking services and “going it alone.” Our reports start at just $395*, and we also let you customize the output based on industry, employee size and more. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Choose Your Report

To download sample reports and view available metrics, click here.

We currently offer the following reports:

  • Human Capital Benchmarking (our most popular report)
  • Job Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Benchmarking
  • Employee Benefits Prevalence Benchmarking
  • Health Care Benchmarking
  • Retirement and Welfare Benchmarking
  • Families and Work Institute’s Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility Benchmarking**
  • NEW! Paid Leave Benchmarking

2. Choose Your Industry

Review the industry list. If your industry is not listed, please contact us!

3. Choose Your Organization Size

ORDER NOW! (less than 750 employees)

ORDER NOW! (750 or more employees)

**To order the Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility Benchmarking Report, please contact us directly at (703) 535-6366 or

Other Resources and Tools

Need metrics training? Click here to learn about SHRM’s Human Capital Analytics seminar!

*Based on SHRM member pricing for organizations numbering fewer than 750 employees.