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 Workplace Trends Reports


NEW HR Jobs Pulse Survey Report
The new survey examines hiring trends in the HR profession as well as HR professionals' faith in their own job security and ability to find work elsewhere.

Challenges Facing HR Over the Next 10 Years
HR professionals say that the three biggest challenges facing HR executives over the next 10 years are retaining and rewarding the best employees (59%), developing the next generation of corporate leaders (52%), and creating a corporate culture that attracts the best employees to organizations (36%). This research also explores investment challenges, talent management tactics, evolvement of the workforce, and critical HR competencies and knowledge.

SHRM Workplace Forecast: The Top Workplace Trends According to HR Professionals
SHRM Workplace Forecast is published every two years by the Society for Human Resource Management. The structure of the report is based on a survey of human resource professionals on their views of key issues they feel will affect the workplace in the coming years. The report is divided into four broad sections covering demographics and society, economics and employment, public policy and law, and science and technology. The survey also asks HR professionals what actions they and their organizations are taking or are planning to take to address these trends, changes and challenges.

Future Insights: The top trends for 2014 according to SHRM’s HR subject matter expert panels
The SHRM Special Expertise Panels are composed of HR subject matter experts. These panels compile lists of key trends in their subject areas that explore a wide variety of HR-related topics and trends.

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 Workplace Visions®


2014, Vol. 2: Employee Engagement: The Newest Research and Trends

This issue of Workplace Visions looks at recent research on employee engagement. It finds that maintaining high levels of employee engagement has become a real challenge for organizations. It also looks at some of the key factors that could influence employee engagement levels in the years ahead.

2014, Vol. I: Generational Changes in the Workplace
With repeated waves of Baby Boomers entering retirement, and with members of the larger Millennial generation poised to replace many of those older workers, a cultural shift is at hand that will determine benefits offerings, succession planning and other aspects of HR’s operations. The latest issue of Workplace Visions examines why large-scale demographic changes coming in the near future will require special attention from human resource departments.

 2013, Vol. IV: Employee Development in a Slow Recovery
Although the global economy is considered to be in a recovery phase, most economists agree that improvements are slower than hoped for and several key economic indicators are still lagging. These mixed signals are influencing organizational decisions around leadership development and overall investments in training and development

2013, Vol. III: HR's Role in Preparing Workers for Retirement
Evidence is mounting that many Americans are unprepared financially for their retirement. New data show that HR professionals and their employers are becoming increasingly aware of the problem, and they are giving workers more guidance and options for their eventual departure from the labor force.

2013, Vol. II: The Professionalization of Human Resources
When HR leaders in academia and business discuss the professionalization of HR, they are often talking about the development of a more formally accepted body of HR knowledge and official routes to learning it, as well as minimally accepted standards of practice and general agreement around the kinds of competencies needed for success. Activity in all of these areas has been gaining momentum over the past decade.

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 Workplace Trends: Q&As with Experts

Experts share their observations with SHRM Research on the economy, the labor force and other topics connected to HR management.

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