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Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST)

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Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST)


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Light Industrial Skills Test (LIST) is an instrument based upon the requirements of a light industrial workforce. The LIST assesses both the skills of job applicants and their attitudes toward illegal drug use and reliability. The LIST takes less than 25 minutes to complete; it has 80 multiple choice questions--half are timed and examine math, reasoning, and visual analysis skills while the remaining items focus on workplace attitudes. A Spanish version of this assessment is also available.

The LIST evaluates the ability of job applicants to solve "common sense" problems, visualize defects in assembled items, reliably report to work, function with minimal supervision, and be trusted to maintain a safe working environment. As a result, the LIST is well-suited for assessing applicants who will be performing light industrial duties in manufacturing, shipping, distribution, and warehouse environments.

What the Light Industrial Skills Test Measures

The LIST provides a percentile score and brief narrative description for each of these areas: 

  • Math and Reasoning
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Reliability
  • Drug Use Attitudes 
  • Total LIST Score

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