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Teller Test

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Helm and Associates

Teller Test


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The Teller Test is a timed-test that measures a person's ability to handle and count money accurately. It assesses the critical job skills involved in accurately counting bills and coins in a timely manner. The Teller Test takes 20 minutes to complete and is comprised of 30 questions that are based on situations involving the handling of money and making change.

Because of its design, the Teller Test is very well-suited for assessing applicants for positions that require the ability to handle money. The Teller Test can also be used to provide an objective evaluation of current employees as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of workplace training programs.

What the Teller Test Measures

The Teller Test provides a numerical index of how accurately a person can handle money under time pressure. It also provides additional narrative data about an individual's performance. The following information is provided:

  • Teller Test Score
  • Work Style 
  • Placement Suggestions
  • Training Tips

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