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Hogan Personality Inventory

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Hogan Assessment Systems

Hogan Personality Inventory

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Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a Five Factor personality assessment specifically designed for use in business settings. Comprised of 206 true-false items, the HPI takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The HPI provides a comprehensive, business-based assessment of personality that is specifically designed to predict occupational success and can be used for both selection or development. Specific applications include employability, individual assessment, selection, and individual development/coaching.

The HPI was developed in the context of socio-analytic theory. Within this model, getting along with and getting ahead of others are seen as the dominant themes in social life. The seven scales of the HPI capture key behavioral tendencies relevant to these life themes and are based on the Five-Factor Model of personality.

What the Hogan Personality Inventory Measures

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is comprised of seven primary scales and six occupational scales.

Primary Scales

  • Adjustment (Even Tempered) - self-confidence, self-esteem, and composure under pressure
  • Ambition - initiative, competitiveness, and the desire for leadership roles
  • Sociability (Sociable) - extraversion, gregariousness, and a need for social interaction
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity (Likeability/Agreeable) - warmth, charm, and the ability to maintain relationships
  • Prudence (Conforming) - being planful, self-disciplined, responsible, and conscientious
  • Inquisitive (Intellectance) - imagination, curiosity, vision, and creative potential
  • Learning Approach (School Success) - enjoying learning, staying current on business and technical matters

Occupational Scales

  • Service Orientation - being attentive, pleasant, and courteous to customers
  • Stress Tolerance - being able to handle stress, even-tempered, calm under fire
  • Reliability - honesty, integrity, and positive organizational citizenship
  • Clerical Potential - following directions, attention to detail, and communicating clearly
  • Sales Potential - energy, social skills, and the ability to solve problems for customers
  • Managerial Potential - leadership ability, planning, and decision-making skills

Four reports can be generated from the HPI:

  • Data Report
    This report provides a summary of the individual's results on each scale compared to the normative sample. It does not contain any interpretive data.
  • Career Builder
    This report contains an individualized analysis of the test-takers strengths and weaknesses as well as tips for improvement within the workplace.
  • Management Builder
    This report provides an individualized analysis of an individual's test results within the role of a managerial position. It captures the individual's strengths and weaknesses in addition to providing suggestions as to how this individual might be most effectively supervised.
  • Leadership Forecast Challenge Report
    This report is designed for both selection and development purposes. The results for each scale are presented graphically along with an individualized narrative report that provides an analysis of the impact of how an individual's scores are likely to be manifest in their work and role as a leader.

Additionally, if the HPI is completed as part of battery with the Hogan Development Survey (HDS)and the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), the two following integrative reports are also available:

  • Personality Executive Summary (PES)
  • Coaching Report
    This Report integrates findings from the HPI, HDS, and MVPI and yields a comprehensive development report which can be used in either a coaching or self-development context and provides the basis for a Self-Development Plan.

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