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Employee Aptitude Survey Test #5 - Space Visualization

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Psychological Services, Inc.

Employee Aptitude Survey Test #5 - Space Visualization


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Employee Aptitude Survey Test #5 - Space Visualization measures the ability to visualize forms in space and to manipulate them mentally. This ability is a major component of mechanical aptitude. The instrument is comprised of 50 items and has a 5 minute time limit.

Employee Aptitude Survey Test #5 - Space Visualization is part of of the Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS) series of tests. 

1. Licensee agrees to conduct the tests in accordance with the Administrator's Guide.

2. The Test will be administered only in a proctored, professional setting. The test administrator will take necessary steps to ensure the Test is never administered in an unproctored, unsecure, environment.

3. The test administrator agrees to seek a protective order safeguarding the confidentiality of the test materials if they are required to be produced in court or administrative proceedings. Licensee will immediately notify pan inc. of the proceedings.

4. If laws, rules, or regulations require that a candidate be provided a review of a test after it has been given, such review will be conducted in the presence of an appropriate official of licensee, who will monitor the review.
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