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Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ)

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Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ)


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The Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ) is a self-assessment tool for managers that provides insight into how they relate to their supervisees on two dimensions important for organizational and managerial behaviour. Comprised of 40 items rated on five point scales, the LOQ can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The LOQ has an extensive research base and can be used for managerial development, workshops, as well as selection.

What the LOQ Measures

The LOQ assess two dimensions that are critical in supervisory leadership:

  • Consideration - the extent to which a manager is likely to have job relationships with subordinates characterized by mutual trust, respect, and two-way communication.
  • Structure - the degree to which a manager is likely to define and structure his or her own role and those of subordinates toward goal attainment.

    These dimensions are independent of each other and provide an insightful picture of managerial behavior. Percentile scores are reported for each of the dimensions.

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