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Describe what you would say if asked to talk about yourself in a group of 15 people.

If someone told you that you had made an error, describe how you would react and what you would say in your defense.

If someone asked you for assistance with a matter that is outside the parameters of your job description, what would you do?

You are a committee member and disagree with a point or decision. How will you respond?

Describe what you would classify as a crisis.

You are angry about an unfair decision. How do you react?

Suppose you are in a situation where deadlines and priorities change frequently and rapidly. How would you handle it?

How do you know when you are stressed? What do you do to de-stress?

Tell me about a time when you were a part of a great team. What was your part in making the team effective?

Give me an example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker. How did you handle the situation?

How do you think your co-workers would respond if you were absent from work?

Can you tell me about a time during your previous employment when you suggested a better way to perform a process?

Tell me about a personal or career goal that you have accomplished and why that was important to you.

Give an example of a time when you were trying to meet a deadline, you were interrupted, and did not make the deadline. How did you respond?

What strengths did you rely on in your last position to make you successful in your work?

What do you do when you know you are right and your boss disagrees with you? Give me an example of when this has happened in your career.

Tell me about a situation you wish that you had handled differently based on the outcome.  What was the situation?  What would you change (or will you change) when faced with a similar situation?

Suppose your supervisor asked you to get information for them that you know is confidential and he/she should not have access to. What would you do?

Describe a time when you performed a task outside your perceived responsibilities. What was the task? Why did you perceive it to be outside your responsibilities? What was the outcome?

It’s 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. Your supervisor gives you an assignment that needs to be finished by 8:00 Monday morning. You have already made plans to be away the entire weekend. What would you do?

If you observed a co-worker who made inappropriate sexual or racial remarks to another employee, and it was obvious to you that the situation was creating an uncomfortable environment, what would you do?

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