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Human Resources

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Tell me why you chose Human Resource Management as your profession.

Do you have a personal philosophy about HR management?

What do you like most about HR? What do you like least, and what do you find the most challenging?

During your HR career, which positions have you reported to and which reporting structure do you prefer?

How do you stay current with changes in employment laws, practices and other HR issues?

An employee tells you about a sexual harassment allegation but then tells you they don't want to do anything about it; they just thought you should know.  How do you respond?

Describe the most difficult employee relations situation you have had to handle, how it was resolved or not, and why.

What have you done to help your human resources department to become a strategic partner?

As HR professionals, we often deal with legal and ethical situations. Tell me about an ethical situation you have encountered and what part you took in resolving it. Tell me about any illegal discrimination charges you have handled and how these were resolved.

What experience do you have in multi-state HR management? 

Tell me about your policy development experiences. What employment policies have you developed or revised? What is your experience in compiling or revising an Employee Handbook?

Describe your knowledge of/involvement with progressive discipline.

Describe your knowledge of/involvement with Performance Evaluation processes.

Tell me about programs that you have implemented.

Tell me about your experience in training and developing your employees or managers. 

Tell me about training and development programs you have developed.

Have you ever worked in a Union Environment? What were the positives/negatives?

Tell me about a time when a manager wanted you to terminate an employee in contrast to your company’s termination policy. How was it resolved?

Describe to me in a few sentences the purpose of the following basic Federal regulations: (select one or more, as applicable)

Title VII/Civil Rights Act





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