Building a Coaching Culture



Historically, organizations used external coaches who focused their efforts on the C-suite or other organizational leaders. However, organizations are realizing that coaching can have a significant impact in developing employees outside its leadership ranks-such as when used with Millennials, who may expect feedback beyond an annual performance review. They also are viewing it as a way to deal with the "looming productivity crisis and labour shortage" that is expected to continue for the next 10 to 15 years. 

Coaching is no longer just about fixing performance issues. Companies are turning to internal coaching to create a pipeline of leaders and to develop managers who can coach their teams. Coaching is being integrated into performance management and being used to develop employees' career paths. 

"Coaching is a lot about asking questions" that help individuals discover how their values may be driving their behaviour in a particular situation and then helping them find solutions to challenges. "Coaching is not telling people what to do and giving orders". It's a skill." 

In this webcast explore how:

  • How Organizations are expanding their coaching culture in a number of ways
  • How can coaching be embedded in talent and performance management processes
  • How can organizations develop leaders and managers at all levels to be coaches
  • Senior leaders and their role in communicating and leading coaching efforts in the company
  • Using incentives and rewards and technology to reinforce demonstrated coaching behaviours

Date: Monday
20th May, 2019

3.00 PM - 4.00 PM IST


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