Great Reshuffle: How Organisations can hold on to Critical Talent

The Great Reshuffle has led to multiple competing talent management priorities. With employees moving to the driver’s seat, flexibility, well-being, benefits, and empathy-led leadership are becoming must-haves for organizations. Considering an increasingly hybrid environment, leaders need to step up and sustain the connection between people, and the organization’s mission.

This KnowledgeCast will discuss what it takes for HR leaders to create a new management framework that is a win-win for employers and employees and ensures the retention of high-potential talent. This industry-expert-led discussion will explore the approach that organizations should adopt to ensure there is no gap between the culture within and the employer value proposition for the world outside.

What you’ll learn:

  • According to the SHRM Global Culture Report 2022, 9 out of 10 workers who rate their culture as poor have thought about quitting. What distinguishes organizations that have been able to retain and prepare their rising stars for post-promotion success?
  • A ‘hybrid paradox’ has emerged as a result of people wanting increased flexibility and at the same time yearning for human connection. How can people managers be prepared to discern and overcome it?
  • During the downturn, when an organization is struggling and asks employees to tough it out, the star performers are most likely to be the first ones to say, “No thanks. I’d rather find an employer who appreciates the high level of contributions I’m making.” What must employers do differently during tough times to retain star performers?
June 27, 2023
04:30 PM in India

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