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Elevate yourself with a Live Online experience. 

To help our learners stay safe and healthy, SHRM has curated a menu of virtual learning options for your professional development this summer. So what if you cannot make it to the physical classroom? We have a suite of Live Virtual Programs for you to learn from the comfort of your home work desk. Delivered over a best in class learning platform (Adobe Connect) that closely replicates the interactivity of a classroom. All to assist you in reaching your next level, even while you adapt to working away from the office. 

Why not grow professionally during this extra free time to self-educate and do some self discovery?

  • What skills do you need to get to that position you’ve been eyeing?

  • Where are your current skill gaps?

  • What organizational challenges could you solve for a real business impact?

SHRM is your home for HR education.

Now, make your home your professional development headquarters.

EffortlessEffortless Virtual Facilitation

Organizational change stems more from environmental impact than from any other factor" (Burke, 1994a). Today external environment is driving a transformational change. Technology is the savior when life expectancy has come to depend on minimizing human contact.

Most of us have experienced virtual learning sessions as a monologue with a bunch of slides, a presenter talking through them and participants at best asking a few questions on the chat. Precisely the reason why most people believe virtual sessions can't be as effective as in-class sessions. What if there was a way to make those sessions more engaging by using a plethora of features the tech- platforms provide which we haven't yet explored? Break-outs, annotation, polls, videos, external tools of engagement-Mentimeter, Kahoot, Mural, we have barely scratched the surface of the virtual facilitation universe. There are a host of opportunities to leave your virtual session participants spellbound with these extensive tools of engagement.

Tech-enabled learning is the future. We used virtual learning earlier but mostly for awareness building, low-touch and educational topics. Areas of learning where we chose in-person over virtual learning would now also have to be delivered through virtual but impactful experiences.

How do we then create these immersive experiences for our learners which have an impact similar to a classroom session?

In this program:

  • Learn practical ways to enable impactful learning on Virtual Platforms based on robust theoretical frameworks
  • Get hands-on learning on designing and facilitating in virtual classrooms
  • Examine various popular platforms of collaboration - Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect and WebEx Training
  • Explore how to design virtual learning journeys across different platforms with the support of 'app-tivities' (leveraging smartphones and learning apps)
  • Learn how to create engaging and immersive content on a virtual platform using external tools like Mentimeter, QR, Kahoot, Mural
  • Learn to replicate the impact of a classroom program on a virtual platform
  • Use polls, chats, videos, word cloud, break-outs to enhance virtual class experience and increase participant interactivity
  • Experience and get inputs on replicating in-class facilitation methods such as world café, fish-bowl, sociometry, brain-storming in a virtual class
  • Discuss how to evaluate effectiveness of virtual learning 

Who should attend - Anyone seeking to design and deliver engaging and impactful learning on virtual platforms



Earn 4.5 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.

HR Business PartneringHR Business Partnering

Key Takeaways

  1. Gain a better understanding of the HR Business Partner role and its key demands
  2. Get exposed to various Frameworks to understand business and the work involved in the business
  3. Get access to tools that help align the HR strategy with the direction of the organization /business strategy
  4. Better understand the strategic consulting process and learn to pair business acumen with HR mastery and consulting skills
  5. Better define your own initiatives to drive stronger outputs that enhance your credibility and impact
Intended Audience - Mid Level
Who should Attend - This programme is designed for HR professionals aspiring to become an HR Business Partner, or junior developing HR Business Partners looking to increase their knowledge and skills in the development and implementation of business focused, value-driven HR solutions. 
In order to gain from, and contribute to this programme fully, you must be in an HR role.



Earn 12 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.

IDMThe Ambidextrous Manager
Acing the Analog and Digital People Management Game

6 Sessions and 2 hours each.

The workplace is not just a collection of business transactions, it is an ecosystem of human relationships. "There is no relationship in the workplace more powerful than the one between people managers and employees," said SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Many managers are promoted because they excel as individual contributors. Many are promoted as a reward for their long tenure. Investing in building the people managers can be a game changer for the startup when they scale up. An organization needs to leverage people managers to attract, develop and engage the workforce. The culture and organizational values are lived through the people who lead the individual contributors. For the organization, people managers define a very large part of the employee experience. People managers become the talent pool from which the future leaders of the business are drawn.

Intended Audience - Managers with 0 - 8 years of people management experience | Managers who wish to learn how to manage remotely and co-located office spaces | Managers who need to learn how to take the organizational culture online.

Session I to III: 18, 19, & 20 November'20
Session IV to VI: 25, 26 & 27 November'20


Earn Earn 12 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.

Effortless People Analytics for Business Impact

Analytics can no longer be called a fringe topic of special interest to HR. Proficiency and competence in using people data and deriving insights is an essential part of HR practices now, especially in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, & ambiguous) environment. A disciplined and data-driven approach is needed for matching talent requirements with anticipated, and sometimes unanticipated essentials of the organization. In fact, knowing what might happen in future is not enough, business is expecting HR to predict the expected results from their actions too. In short, you are required to demonstrate the return on investments from all human capital investments that keeps the organization productive and future ready.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build business-driven strategic HR measurements covering HR efficiency, effectiveness, and Impact story
  • Calculate Return-on-Investments from Human Capital investments across HR functions
  • Connect business priorities to HR actions to identify problems that matters to the business leaders
  • Solve any talent related unstructured problems in a structured manner using seven-steps framework
  • Strengthen your do-it-yourself statistical knowledge
  • Tell the data-driven story to inform and influence business leaders decisions related to people
  • Learn to overcome the barriers while kick-starting the journey and implementing solutions
  • Democratize people insights organization wide using HR technology
  • Real-life industry case studies on application of Analytics across employee lifecycle and its impact

Intended Audience: Mid - Senior Level
Who should attend - Individuals who are seeking to gain knowledge to understand and analyse people and business data, obtain insights and make data driven recommendations and decisions.


Earn Earn 12 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.

IDM Instructional Design Methodology

This is an interactive, hands-on, application oriented learning intervention spread over 6 learning sessions of 2 hours each.

Program outcomes
By the end of this intervention, you, the learner will be able to

  • Create a design document for a specific learning program leveraging Instructional Design Methodology (IDM)
  • Mix and match various learning methodologies and artifacts to deliver value
  • Create learning material and artifacts for a specific learning program
Intended Audience: Mid - All front line to Senior Level Working professionals / leaders | HR professionals in all roles

Dates: | 6 Sessions Series | 120 Minutes each.


Earn Earn 12 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.

Effortless Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is widely recognized as a valuable skill that helps improve communication, management, problem-solving, and relationships within the workplace. Today’s professional can’t win and rise without collaboration. They need to understand how building their own emotional intelligence (EQ) contributes to improved performance for themselves, their partnerships, and their organization.

Working professionals not only need to understand their own EQ and learn to prevent the emotional hijacking that can interfere with personal intentions and organizational outcomes.

Intended Audience: Mid - All front line to Senior Level Working professionals / leaders | HR professionals in all roles

Dates: TBA


Earn Earn 9 Recertification Credits towards your Certification.


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