HR Disciplines Area of Expertise


◾Background investigations

◾Business continuity plans

◾Communicable diseases – SARS, HIV/AIDs, TB, lice, hepatitis, etc.

◾Disaster contingency planning

◾Domestic violence

◾Drug and alcohol programs

◾Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – including financial and legal assistance

◾Health and wellness

◾Identity theft


◾Mental health

◾OSHA/ergonomics/air quality and other environmental factors

◾Polygraph testing

◾Protection of proprietary information/non-compete agreements

◾Reference checking

◾Risk management

◾Safety issues

◾Safety training and awareness



◾Terrorism / Bioterrorism

◾Theft and fraud protection

◾Workers Compensation (also total rewards)

◾Workplace monitoring of phone/video/audio/e-mail/internet as a security function (also under technology)

◾Workplace violence

Employee Relations Emphasis


◾Alternative dispute resolution – nonunion


◾Attitude surveys

◾Becoming an employer of choice

◾Codes of conduct


◾Competencies (also staffing)

◾Conflict resolution

◾Corporate culture

◾Corrective action


◾Dress code

◾Employee engagement / involvement

◾Employee privacy rights – other than monitoring (also under technology)

◾Exit interviews

◾Harassment / Sexual harassment prevention

◾Internal job movement (demotion / promotion / transfer)



◾Open door policy

◾Performance appraisals

◾Performance management

◾Policies and practices/employee handbooks

◾Recognition programs




Organizational Development Emphasis

◾Career planning/development/paths

◾Change management

◾Coaching – executive, leadership, management, supervisor

◾Communications – corporate, employee, all

◾Corporate governance

◾Cost/benefit relationship of OD and Training

◾Employee training and development

◾Evaluation of OD and Training Initiatives

◾Generational issues affecting the workplace

◾Leadership development

◾Management development – delegation, etc.


◾Mergers and acquisitions

◾New employee orientation

◾Organizational culture integration

◾Organizational structure/charts



◾Strategic planning (also in workforce staffing and deployment)

◾Succession planning

◾Work teams, virtual teams

Total Rewards/Compensation & Benefits Emphasis

◾All FLSA issues

◾Auditing the compensation function

◾Benefits including:

◾Board compensation


◾Budgeting for and auditing compensation programs (i.e. internal equity)

◾Cafeteria/flexible benefits




◾Communicating value of total rewards

◾Comparable worth

◾Compensation and benefits plan design - general

◾Compensation including:

◾Cost containment

◾Cost/benefit analysis for benefit plans

◾Deferred income



◾Developing a pay structure that enhances the goals of the organization

◾Disability management

◾Disease management

◾Domestic partner benefits

◾Equal Pay Act

◾Equity compensation


◾Executive compensation

◾Expatriate benefits (global)

◾Expatriate compensation (global)

◾Federal contractor compensation issues

◾Group/Team rewards

◾Health care

◾Health plan design (HAS's, HRAs)



◾Job analysis/Evaluation and descriptions (job analysis also under workforce staffing)

◾Leave administration

◾Life and other types of insurance

◾Long term

◾Mergers & Acquisitions / benefits integration

◾Mergers & Acquisitions / Compensation integration

◾Merit pay/pay for performance plans (performance appraisals under employee relations)

◾Non-monetary rewards (recognition also under employee relations)

◾Other benefits like tuition, flextime, etc.

◾Outplacement (also included in workforce staffing and deployment)

◾Paid Time Off (PTO)


◾Pension portability

◾Performance share plans

◾Phantom stock

◾Profit sharing plans

◾Relocation programs (WSD)

◾Retirement plans, defined contribution and defined benefit pension

◾Salary reduction plans

◾Salary surveys and other external comparisons

◾Sales-based pay

◾Severance pay (also included in workforce staffing and deployment)

◾Short term

◾Sick leave

◾Sign-on bonuses

◾Skill-based pay/Competency-based pay

◾Stock plans


◾Unemployment/Workers’ comp

◾Vacation leave

◾Variable compensation


◾Wellness (EHSS)

◾Work/family and work/life programs



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Salary Increase Projections 2021

The economic effects of COVID-19 have forced employers to re-evaluate salary increase plans for 2021.

The economic effects of COVID-19 have forced employers to re-evaluate salary increase plans for 2021.



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