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Modernizing employment-based immigration is crucial for employers to find the talented workers they need so that their organizations can thrive. Leverage our resource hub page to learn how to tap into this talent pool and make the most of talent all over the globe.

​​​​​​​​​​​SHRM aims to provide the resources and support necessary to advance employment-based immigration worldwide.

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 Modernizing Employment Immigration  

About This Video: Today, one of the chief competitive advantages in industry is not financing—it’s the ability to access skilled workers. SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., and Marc A. Howze, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Deere & Company, discuss the need for a forward-thinking immigration system and diverse talent. ​

SHRM approaches immigration from a simple but important idea: Talent doesn’t have borders. Talent, like business, is global. Employment-based immigration is a business imperative that isn’t going away. Foreign talent complements the U.S. workforce and allows employers to compete in a global market by ensuring they have access to the best talent.

Public policy changes are needed to make immigration work for employers and protect American workers. To hire a legal workforce, employers need a national, entirely electronic and integrated employment eligibility verification system. 

To win the global war for talent, navigate current employment-based immigration processes, and develop an inclusive culture, organizations need highly competent, certified HR professionals.

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