Benefits 2017: What's Hot and What's Not

June 15, 2017

From 2013 through 2017, SHRM members offered several new benefits to their employees—and they took some away, as well. Here are the benefits that were the most changed over this period.

on the Rise 
on the Decline 

Free coffee

Medical flexible spending accounts (FSAs)

Meal reimbursement for business travel

Defined contribution plan hardship withdrawals

Health savings accounts (HSAs)

Service anniversary awards

Financial advice

Undergraduate educational assistance

Meal flex*

Graduate educational assistance

Standing desks

Defined contribution plan loans

Onsite lactation/mother's room

Reimbursement for personal calls on business travel

Telecommuting on an ad hoc basis

Shift premiums

Employer contributions to HSAs

Compressed workweek***

Sign-on bonus (executive positions)

Automobile subsidy for business use of personal vehicle

401(k) fund conversion into Roth 401(k)

Long-term care insurance

Accelerated death benefits for terminal illnesses

Credit union membership

Wholesale generic drug program for injectable drugs

Onsite cafeteria subsidized by employer

Sign-on bonus (nonexecutive positions)

Educational scholarship for members of employees' families

Shift flexibility**

Paid travel expenses for spouse

*Allowing employees to make up time during the day due to a longer meal break or leave early due to a shorter meal break.
**Allowing employees to coordinate with co-workers to adjust their schedules.
***Allowing employees to work longer days in exchange for subsequent shorter days or a day off within a pay period.

that at least 5% of SHRM members plan to introduce in 2017:

Wellness programs, general

Health fairs

Wellness tips/information provided at least quarterly (newsletter, column, e-mail, tweets, etc.)

Rewards for completing health/wellness programs

Annual health risk assessment

Mentoring program

Executive or leadership coaching

Cross-training to develop skills not directly related to the job

Source: Society for Human Resource Management, 2017 Employee Benefits survey report.



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